MotoGP, Young Knight Drama: He’s Decided, Retired

Drama in the World Championships where one of his young talents decided to suddenly and permanently announce his retirement.

For a motorist and motorcycle driver, a career can be very long but also very short. Don’t just rely on results It is the passion that drives us to do this task, see case Valentino RossiBut sometimes it’s the injuries that decide whether to continue or not. In the history of motorsports, it is full of young people with high hopes forced to say goodbye, even at a very young age, due to the consequences of some falls or accident.. However, there are those who decided to say enough to choose itBecause he is no longer attuned to the world he was with for some time and is no longer at peace with himself and his conscience. Let’s talk about Gabriel Rodrigothe Argentine class of 96, which will permanently relinquish the world championship at the end of the season.

World Championship (ANSA)

A talent that seemed destined from a young age to a great future, but did not fully meet expectations. And that now, circumstances of life, have led to enough with the two-wheeled world and the Moto2 Championship you’re facing. A career that began in 2010 where he debuted in the 80th class of the Mediterranean Speed ​​Championshipthen move on to the 125 class. In 2012 he reached the Moto3 class of the Spanish Speed ​​Championship, where he remained until 2014, the year he made his debut in the Moto3 class of the World Championship, a Grand Prix of Spain, Catalonia, Czech Republic , San Marino, Aragon and the Valencia community as a wildcard and the German Grand Prix to replace the injured Niklas Ajo Sola Husqvarna of Team Ajo Motorsport.

In 2015, the first turning point was, when Rodrygo became the primary driver Team RBA Racing, but do not get points. In 2016 it was a small step forward with 31 points and seventh place in Malaysia as the best result. It’s the following year in which he is more satisfied, taking two places (Czech Republic and Austria), as well as fourth place in Great Britain and Austria. In 2018, Catalunya’s podium seems to be able to launch him soon among the best, so much so that he will close the season in seventh place with 116 points. It won’t get better in the next couple of years, most recently in Moto3 before moving on to this year Moto 2.

Rodrygo and choose to say enough with the bikes

Many occupational injuries due to falls, fortunately are not very serious. But even the last Le Mans race that kept him out of the last few races seems to have had a decisive impact About the decision to hang up his helmet when he was just 25 years old. Rodrygo’s announcement came as a surprise on his social channels. The main reason is that, it seems, “It’s not worth putting your life at risk when you no longer feel the passion of the beginning“.

The son of the owner of the RBA publishing group, he has several plans on his mind and has chosen to close his Moto2 branch. He explained to his fans why:It all started stronger last year when I had a very serious accident shortly after signing my contract to get into Moto2 In training in which I saw my life in danger and which, combined with all the misfortunes we have been through lately as teammates, made me rethink the situation a lot, whether it was worth it for me to continue taking so many risks every time I bike.”

Gabriel Rodrigo (ANSA)
Gabriel Rodrigo (ANSA)

In the end I have so many projects in mind, so many ambitions, I love my life, I love my family, the people around me and I am not willing to continue to put all this at risk. And lose it to continue riding the motorcycle – he admitted -. It’s the most important reason why I made this decision.”

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Then Rodrygo’s most intimate confession regarding his retirement: “I have been talking about it for some time with my psychiatrist, it has helped me a lot to get to this point of maturity and to be able to decide on this important thing And at the beginning of this year I told Elijah (his wife), my most important pillar, that I didn’t want to keep racing any longer, I wanted to keep trying the new adventure in Moto2 and I wanted to give 100% but I wouldn’t take long, because I saw it in the short term and right after I had a shoulder injury that this year made me run most races in really bad shape.” In short, the decision has matured with depth of thought and courage. Even a good life Rodrigo, you deserve it!