Mourinho Roma: “After the Champions League with Inter I wanted to leave, I stayed here”

After a year as Giallorossi, the Portuguese coach assessed his adventure: “In this club I feel good and have a good relationship with everyone. In Italy I am happy.”

A year in Rome, a year for Jose Mourinho, a year with a cup: an interview with Esquire, As part of a commercial agreement with Hublot Watches, Mou relives the stages of his first season as Chromanista. He talks about Italy (“he should go to the World Cup”), Serie A (“I love him”) and of course about Rome: “I always say the training centers are the same all over the world the life you live is always the same. You enter 7:30 a.m. and leave at 6:30 p.m. So from that point of view it doesn’t change much whether you live in a wonderful city like Rome or in a cool, dark and hidden place. What has changed in my life though is that I feel good in this club and I have a relationship Good with everyone. In Italy I am happy. “

Conference and tattoo

To contribute to this happiness, no doubt, after I won the cup on the first attempt: “It was really unforgettable. When we won the Champions League with Inter I didn’t go to Milan because I wanted to go to Real Madrid and I got the feeling that if I came back I would never leave.” This time it was different, I wanted to stay in Rome and continue at this club. In moments like this, you understand that you don’t win for yourself, that it’s not a personal joy. People are everything, they give you the scale of what you’ve done, and you feel part of a really special family.” . Are you ready for another tattoo? Mo’s stature: “In football, I think I wouldn’t do the others. I promised everyone this, and the idea was to get a one-of-a-kind tattoo, which only I could have: the three European Cups. My son or daughter had a girl or a boy, and this will be A special gift and a tattoo can be a nice way to celebrate it.”

Italy and Siri

While waiting to get serious with Jose, Mourinho focuses only on football: “In Italy I found an interesting and competitive league, where players also come from the Premier League. Compared to 2009-2010 there are still teams with the big teams, but today, the rest of the clubs are better. There are coaches with a lot of ideas, who play attacking and ambitious football. Then there are teams, like Roma, which are also growing in a broader sense, as a club, that are attracting more and more fans to the stadium, with great potential to develop for the better.” But Italy, for the second time in a row, has not participated in the World Cup and has not participated in the elimination stage since 2006. The last goal was in 2014 and was signed by Mario Balotelli in a lifetime: “If you are difficult to accept the love of football. I grew up in The 70s and 80s and you can imagine what Italy was like in those days. The Azzurri has always been a reference. Working here I find it difficult to understand what happened, because it is full of good players, even if there are few who travel abroad. I refuse to accept the argument of young talent, this is not true The talent in Italy is there.” Now, however, the tournament will stop and everyone will try something new: “It’s a new situation for everyone – confirms Mourinho – and we will have to make as few mistakes as possible. We are already at work, debating, studying and looking for solutions that can expose us to a minimum. Risks “.