Mourinho: “We lost a game that we could have won easily. Dybala’s injury is a severe blow to him and the team.”

As rome news Mr. Jose Mourinho He introduces himself in front of journalists’ microphones to comment on his players’ performance At the end of Rome-Atalanta.

Immediately All the statements of the Portuguese coach In the championship match that was held this afternoon at the Olympic Stadium.

Jose Mourinho at a press conference

Bad match with Dybala injury, what happened?
“It went badly because we lost a game that we could have won easily because of the way we played. Dybala’s muscle injury, it’s tough for him and the team, it happened half an hour before the match. If we can imagine this dominance in the last third, with Creating too many goals then we can make some speculation, if Paulo had played it would have been different. It could be said, but this wasn’t the match because Paulo didn’t play. Everyone who played did enough to win easily. Unfortunately we didn’t score and that’s why we lost. We don’t like getting 0 Point, but we love the game, the soul. We have a problem with Lorenzo who felt a pull to flex, in 1-0 he didn’t want to go out, he wanted to go all the way as a captain, as someone who wanted to help and that’s a problem for us. Let’s see if 15 days is enough. To restore Lorenzo and Paolo.”

“Nothing happened with Hateboer.”

Outside of the game itself, do you see Ibrahim with last year’s head?
“Tammy is an extraordinary guy, he wants to do well, he struggles when he’s not so good, he lives the moment between the little injury, the matches that didn’t go well, and he definitely lives a moment that isn’t very happy. The strikers are a little bit like that. But without any criticism, no He’s still the same good and professional guy, he’s not here on vacation but to learn and improve. He will arrive, there are many players who are having a very good solo moment, he is not at that level.”

In recent years, Atalanta has always been a champion, and today they have defended themselves all the time. What did you study about the Nerazzurri?
“We studied them like all our opponents, ages 5-6-7 with Gasperini, they changed a little, lowered themselves, respected us, played low instead of pressing high. We worked a lot with Paolo yesterday, today we had to play with Nemanja from the start, he played 90 minutes against Helsinki and was destined to come into a useful situation for us. This changed the role of some players. We dominated and over-created and that’s why I went out without feeling negative with my players. We didn’t put the ball in the goal and we had Lots of chances to do that. We played here with Monza and Cremonese, and that was the easiest game we controlled. It was easy for the defenders, we made a lot of scoring but football can be like that.”

What do you think of the three episodes of Zaniolo?
“I went to the referee to ask him why he didn’t take a penalty in the first half. I told him I wanted to be the best coach possible, I told my parents not to jump if they could keep working, I asked him if it was impossible to give a penalty if the player didn’t throw himself on the ground. If he says yes, I change my training with the players and ask them to. He didn’t answer me. I wanted an objective answer and his observer politely replied that it depends on the criteria, eh, he didn’t answer me.”

Now, is there a stopping point that could be important to understanding the vehicle you have in your hand or do you already have clear ideas?
“It’s a stop where many players go to the national team, Paolo and Pellegrini are injured. We can take back El Shaarawy and Kumpula who are already out, we’ll see. It’s two weeks when people like Belotti and Camara need to work to improve their physical level. Beyond that, nothing, a few days off. There is not much to do. I would have preferred Lorenzo and Paulo in the national team, it means that they did not work with us but were ready for the next match. The injury is less positive.”

Jose Moreno at the press conference

the match?
“I thought it was easy to win, in other races we didn’t have control for 90.” With Dybala it might have been different, the objectivity is we played a great game, we were in control and it’s a quality. Atalanta was lucky too, it’s a quality.”

“I don’t have anything against Chiffi or Hateboer, we want to play and they knew they didn’t know how to play, I wanted to stop this business because he only had one goal.”

Was there tension built up?
“The team played very well, this match Roma had rhythm and continuity and I’m happy. Beyond that, no problem but there was a very clear penalty kick for Zaniolo in the first half. I tried to talk to Chiffi after the match, if the referee tells me there is no penalty Never if a player doesn’t jump, then I have to tell my players to jump. I asked him to tell me why he wasn’t given a penalty, but Chevy didn’t answer me objectively.”

What did Chevy tell you?
“Well, he said it’s a matter of interpretation. For me it’s not about interpretation, rigor is enough. The player continues to act, then he gets booked and the penalty is. If we have to be a clown and we have to pretend we’re in the pool, I have to change my training style.”

Are you now afraid of a sting? His reaction was important…
“But how important.. I was fired because I entered the field, and the coach cannot enter the field. Do not invent something that does not exist…”