Mourinho’s first three points

The Finns are still 10 after 15 minutes: the Giallorossi opens the ball with Dybala at the start of the second half, then spreads with Pellegrini and Belotti

The Rome beats 3-0 toHJK Helsinki In the second race of Group C European League And the hook of Ludogorets (defeated in Seville) at 3 in the standings. Giallorossi gains numerical superiority after just a quarter of an hour forpay your debut they have to wait for the second half and enter Dybala To open the match: the Argentine scored with the first ball he touched (47′) and immediately after that double Pellegrini (49′). At 68 ‘there’s also glory Belottito the first goal in his new shirt.

the match

Mo’s team immediately raises its head even in Europerecover the knockout against Ludogorets From day one. To shock the team, as in Empoli, still Paulo Dybalawhich in just over 60 seconds spoils a match that’s certainly not complicated, but maybe a little tricky, which Struggled to open despite regional hegemony and the amount of opportunities created. Once the ice is broken, the team plays on velvet and The end result is tight as we saw on the field. Now we have to faceAtalanta To get to stop holding on to the top positions and confirm the team’s good moment.

The rhythms at the beginning are rather moderate, both teams rely on a logical formulation in the possession phase and do not attack the ball carriers in a particularly aggressive manner, but At 13, the face of the match suddenly changed: Lingman gives the ball to Belottiwho finds himself with one You have In the open field, the captain of the Finns lowers the rooster and gets a Gialobut after a call from Var The card turns red for a clear scoring chance and Helsinki instantly stays in 10. Ironically, the first big chance of the match, however, was created by the guests in the 26th minute with one zucchini huskunen The outer electrode slams and turns off at the bottom. Roma’s first shot on goal comes just half an hour later, right Belotti On the invention of Zaniolo which, however, could not surprise Hazard. The Giallorossi grows in intensity and in the 38th minute takes advantage of another mess of the host’s defense, still close to the advantage: this time rewarding Belotti. ZanioloWhich, however, kicks the goalkeeper from an excellent position. Shortly after Hazard appeared on Straight from outside Cristante And in the next corner Belotti is still devouring 1-0hits on the side of the head and the door is wide open.

At the start of the second half, Mo immediately threw into battle Dybala Instead of us, the Argentine puts us Just over a minute to unlock the game: A nice touch back from Pellegrini, Left Goya surgery in the lower corner. A minute and a half passes and gets 2-0: the great inspiration Zaniolo on the left, skewed cross He hits the side of the Pellegrini and hits the net. The match was on a slope and in the 68th minute there Glory also to Belottione of the best so far: once again Zaniolo To skate the opponent’s defense and assist Gallo for a goal is as easy as it is important. The last 25 minutes turned out to be pure academic and some missed poker chances.

report cards

Belotti 7 – Always in the heart of the action, he moves well and talks to his teammates as if he were a veteran of the team. He also found his first goal in the Giallorossi shirt, an evening to be framed.
Dybala 7 Mourinho puts him on the field to open the game and does so at the first opportunity he gets on his left hand. Then he enjoys the invention of his colleagues. It is undoubtedly the additional weapon of New Rome.
Zaniolo 7 – Find the target by all means. He was not found, but he still made two assists and left the field for applause. Now that he had fully recovered, letting him go would be very complicated.

I have 4 – The original sin belongs to Lingemann, who gave the ball to Belotti, but was too naive to drop it on the open field and left his team in 10 for 75 minutes, forcing them to do an impossible task.
Brown 6 – In a team that is, inevitably, perfectly crouched in their own half, he’s one of the few who consistently tries to do some offensive sorties, while projecting some quality flashes.


ROME – HJK 3-0
Rome (4-2-3-1): Roy Patricio Seifert; Karsdorp 6, Mancini 6, Ibanez 5.5 (1′ st Smalling 6), Vina 6 (1′ st Dybala 7); Cristante 6 (19′ st Camara 6), Matic 7; Zaniolo 7 (30′ st Abraham 6), Pellegrini 6.5 (23′ st Bove 6), Spinazzola 6.5; Belotti 7.
Coach: Mourinho 6,5
HJK (3-4-3): Hazard 6.5; Raitala 5.5, Tenho 4, Hoskonen 6 (1′ st Arajuuri 5.5); Browne 6.5, Vaananen 5, Lingman 4.5 (24′ st Boujellab 5.5), Hetemaj 5.5 (1′ st Halme 5.5); Hostikka 5.5 (23′ Peltola 5.5), Abubakari 5.5, Soiri 5 (21′ Olusanya Street 5.5).
Coach: Koskela 5.5
Rule: Petrescu
Signs: 2′ st Dybala (R), 4′ st Pellegrini (R), 23′ st Belotti (R)
ammonite: Ibanez (right), Hetemag (right)
Fired: I have (H)