Nations League, Italy-England 1-0: Rasbadore decides

The brilliant goal of Rasbadori launches the Mancini boys, on Monday in Budapest the main match to determine the winner of the group

L ‘Italia beats 1-0 toEngland On the fifth day of group 3 of The League of Nations And rise to second place in the ranking behindHungarywhich will be held on Monday evening to reach the last four in June. To shed light on a highly taboo and emotionally disordered match, he thinks about it raspaduri, who in the 68th minute got a pass from Bonucci and hit Bob with a superb pass at the far post. The British, in last place with two points, Mathematical return to league B.

the match

Italy smiles again and sees a chance for a great result. After the bitter failure to qualify for the World Cup and the strong blow that Germany received in the last official match, the Mancini Raise your head, Make the most of the Three Lions’ dark period (Zero wins and scored only one goal in five Nations League matches) and Access to the final chapter of the competition. To do this you will need to overcomeHungarya real surprise for the group and champion in Germany.

Azzurri starts with the right foot, bravely attack their opponents and go Very close to registration after only 4 minutes: On Dimarco’s great cross stands out scambut Bob is somehow saved with the help of crossbar. After the Mancini boys exploded, England dominated the match, but the dribbling of Kane and his cohorts struggled to turn into dangerous actions and Donnarumma sleeps quietly until the end of the first half which is unattainable.

Italy takes charge again at the start of the second half, and misses two good chances, but in the 68th minute they find A feature you deserve: perfect launch of Bonucciexciting post raspaduriwho then straightens the ball, joking with Walker, and pushes Bob with Big right in the far post. Entrust the English reaction to the usual ken, who frightened Donnarumma in the 77th minute several times, is good at blocking the Tottenham striker’s double attempt. The end is all blue gradients: first jabyadini Wasted from a prime position kicking the goalkeeper, then Demarco He was unlucky when his left-hand cross shot hit the post. The score doesn’t change anymore, but the Azores are celebrating anyway.

report cards

Bonucci 6.5 – Strong education on sterling and ken. On an evening with high marks for the whole defense, he stands out for the superb assist that gives Rasbadore the winning goal.
Skamka 6 – He comes close to scoring after a few minutes, then plays a good game, communicates well with his teammates and often frees himself between the lines, but lacks grudge in the last 25 metres and no longer poses risks to Bob.
Raspaduri 7 – He alternates with Skamaka in moving between the lines and in the search for depth, but above all invents the great goal that deserves the three points and the possibility of playing to reach the final of the Nations League.
Demarco 6,5 A game with great content, as the English defense is in a crisis due to its very high position and constant pressure. He comes out exhausted, among the best in the business.

Walker 5 Pointing out Raspadori’s goal is nothing less than a reconsideration: first he allows himself to override Bonucci’s firing, then the Napoli striker leaves all the space he needs to kick the ball.
5 . sterling – The English attack does not turn and he, as well as Foden and Saka, are constantly hitting the blue jerseys without taking any risks in parts of Donnarumma.
Ken 6 He snatches a pass to try to hit back at the goal he’s collected himself, but for him, too, it’s an unforgettable evening.


Italy – England 1-0
Italy (3-5-2): Donnarumma 6.5; Acerbi 6.5, Bonucci 6.5, Toloi 6.5; Di Lorenzo 6, Barella 5.5 (18′ st Pobega 6), Jorginho 6 (44′ st Frattesi sv), Cristante 5.5, Dimarco 6.5 (44′ st Emerson sv); Raspadori 7 (36′ Ave. Gabbiadini 6), Scamaca 6 (18′ Ave. Gnonto 6).
i: Mancini 7
England (4-2-3-1): Pope 6; James 6, Deer 5, 5, Maguire 6, Walker 5 (27′ 6 Shaw Street); Bellingham 6, Rice 5, 5; Sterling 5, Foden 5, Saka 5 (27 Grealish St.); Kane 6.
i: Southgate 5
Rule: Jill Manzano
Signs: 23’st Raspadori (It)
ammonite: Bonucci (ET), Di Lorenzo (ET), Grealish (IN)