New Canyon Ultimate: The Model I’d Buy…

The launch of the new Canyon Ultimate has sparked a lot of discussion and generated a lot of interest, not so much for the tech innovations (which still exist), but as always money value.
If you want to learn more about the characteristics and impressions of the saddle, below you will find our video filmed on the occasion of the official launch:

It is true, as someone pointed out, that I Prices of all models increased Compared to the previous version, but given the current situation, it was difficult to expect the opposite.
Also because the “old” Ultimate has been in the range for several years now and Canyon has been using price leverage to keep sales anyway.

Despite the price increase, there is no denying that the new Canyon Ultimate remains one of the most value-for-money competitive bikes.
However, there is in the range Cheaper models than others. Below we’ve identified a couple, with a few other considerations in mind as well.

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 8 Di2 – €6.499

In our opinion it is the most suitable model of the whole range, at least for the advanced rider looking for a top-of-the-line, race-ready mid-range bike.

Until a few years ago, the SLX tire was the best in the Canyon house and weighs just 80-90 grams of the precious CFR. Let’s say even the most sensitive cyclist will find it difficult to feel the differences.
There are other Shimano Ultegra Di2 12v-mounted bikes on the market at a similar price, But not as good as the ingredients. Not even with the same weight: Announcing Canyon 7.14 kg It is generally accurate.

New Canyon Ultimate

New Canyon Ultimate

Among the highlights are carbon wheels signed by DT Swiss ARC 1400, a 4iii power gauge, quality saddle and integrated carbon grips.

For completeness of information, it must be said that the other two SLX versions are also very competitive.
The SLX 9 Dura Ace Di2 installed complete, with Shimano powermeter and DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut wheels, weighs 6.76kg and costs 8.699 euros.
Perhaps only Cube and Rose were able to get similar prices.

The SLX 8 eTap It is the alternative for sram lovers. With Force AXS, with power meter, it weighs 7.4 kg and costs 6.299 €. To be clear, roughly 3,000 euros less than the Specialized Tarmac SL7 Pro and 3,500 euros less than the Emonda SLR 7 etap, which has similar settings.

The only drawback? Maybe in Canyon they can work a little more on the colors…

New Canyon Ultimate

Canyon Ultimate CF SL 8 – 3.199 €

Not everyone wants to spend more than 6000 euros on a bike and is obsessed with a few extra grams, which is why we have identified a particularly competitive model even among the CF SL versions, that is, those that attract the largest segment of enthusiasts.

Here the choice is very wide, but taking into account From a balance between cost, lightness and function, the best is the CF SL 8proposed for 3.199 €. The electronic and 12-speed have been abandoned, but the reliability of the mechanical Shimano Ultegra has quite a few equivalents, moreover also in this case it is equipped with a 4iiii power gauge.
8kg is not a bad thing for a model of this range, and thinking about future upgrades, by changing the saddle and wheels you can easily go down by at least 500g.

For those interested in electronics, the models to consider are the SL 7 eTap (€3,799) and the SL 7 Di2 (€3,999).

New Canyon Ultimate

Reflection also on Ultimate CFR

We conclude this article with some ideas on CFR . configurations (the lightest and most valuable), installed with Sram Red AXS and Shimano Dura Ace Di2.

We didn’t include them among the most convenient because we’re still talking about bikes that cost over €10,000, but for those who want a top-of-the-line model, they’re an option to evaluate, since The price is very competitive regarding the ingredients used. Especially the one with Sram Red, which escalates zipp route 353 NSW From about 4000 euros on the menu.

New Canyon Ultimate

Most of the versions we’ve talked about are available or in any case have “human” restock times.
If buying, be careful, because on the Canyon website you will also find old models still available. Ultimate 2023 features writing the new Orange is placed next to the bike’s name.

Who is the Find all CFR models
Who is the All these CF SLX
Who is the All these CF SL

Below, instead, is our presentation article with all the technical news:

New Canyon Ultimate 2023: Details and first impressions