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Lots of news from newspapers, camps, and national team retreats about the injured league And not only. Below are the updates in the fantasy football key, bearing in mind that exchanges are open in many leagues.

Dybala Home sickness conditions Romestarting from Paulo Dybala. talking about it Gazzetta dello sport: “Dybala stays with Argentina for the time being. While Lorenzo Pellegrini leaves the blue haven, the striker remains in Miami with his national team. Having been visited by Argentine doctors, who confirmed the Romanian diagnosis (no injuries to the left flexor muscle), Dybala will remain at the coach’s disposal. Scaloni has already posted a photo, smiling, training in the gym on an exercise bike. As much as Roma would naturally prefer to be in Trigoria, he trusts Dybala’s experience. He knows that the player cares a lot about the national team, even more than two months ago After what will be the last world championship for Leo Messi, but he also knows that he is a professional and that he will only play if there are no risks. Dybala, who felt annoyed before Roma-Atalanta and went to the stands, could play his first friendly match on Saturday against Honduras in Miami and eventually return to Rome.. Otherwise, he will be available to Mourinho only 48 hours before the match against Inter at the San Siro on October 1.

Pellegrini But Lorenzo is different Pellegrini: The Roma captain has been evaluated in the national team and this morning left the Azzurri Stadium. But what are its terms? He explained that the tests ruled out injuries sky: “Lorenzo Pellegrini brings with him partly good news, which he obtained through the tests he underwent in the last few hours in the national team: No flexor muscle injury Which disturbed him during the last league match with Atalanta. This means that for the super match against Inter at San Siro on October 2, the Roma captain could easily recover. Everything will depend on how the muscle problem, which still remains, will be accommodated, by the treatments that the Giallorossi will undergo in the coming days in Trigoria and then to personal work in the field. But, anyway, after the initial concern in Trigoria there Optimism that the captain will be able to be available for Inter“.

politano – “It’s very good.” Yesterday, Roberto Mancini was optimistic about the conditions politanoHe left due to injury against Milan. However, the Napoli winger left the national team this morning as his club said: “Matteo Politano leaves the national team and returns to Naples. The blue striker who suffered on Sunday at the San Siro against Milan from a right ankle sprainAfter the assessment of the national team, the medical staff will return to the SSCN Konami Training Center where rehabilitation will begin.”

Miranchuk i Vojvoda – “proces MiranchukToday’s headlines Gazzetta dello sport. The Russian playmaker has healed, and the lesion between the first and second degree of his right quadriceps tendon is behind. The rosary indicates that he will return after the break against Napoli, to understand whether the owner is on the spot or not. Meanwhile it stopped duke In the TurinMinor injury to the right hamstring, with recovery periods of about 2/3 weeks for rosacea. No Napoli in the second half for him, he will try to come back right after Empoli.

Salernitana – David Nicola smiles, three good news arrives from the Salernitana Infirmary. They were actually recovered – he says – Matthew LovatoEmil Bohen It’s Evan Radovanovic. All three are in the group regularly at the start of the second half, so their injuries are overcome. When the tournament resumes against Sassuolo it will be available. Frank is still in the pits RiberyWhile Federico stopped today Fazio. And the club’s official report stated that “the Argentine defender treated a slight trauma to his ankle and did a different sporting work.” The goal is to get him back to restart the tournament.

Bologna – News about the singles from the training of Bologna today after the knockout against Empoli. Here are the updates from the official club report: “After a two-day break by the coach, training resumed in Casteldebole this morning in the absence of the national teams: technical, tactical and sporting work for the Motta rossobls. Reflection barrowAfter a bruise against Empoli is reported, a dedicated program will be carried out for a few days. differentiated with increased loads for nicola samson, separate training for Adama Somuro. Tomorrow also the team will train at 10:30 behind closed doors,” we read.

🔴 Two rounds of disqualification by Di Maria

spices – Updates on singles from La Spezia and in particular the player: Daniele Verdi. Here’s the news from On Luca Guti’s unavailable squad after the Liguria derby win over Sampdoria in the last round: “In terms of injuries, he seems ready to come back. Ferrer, already called up, and perhaps more to make up for the numbers, in the last game the Spaniard will finally be able to return to the coach’s disposal, despite the strong competition in the role of Emil Holm, who performs well as a winger on the right wing in these first rounds. Few steps forward for Daniel too Verdifrom which we expect good news after the Napoli striker has completed his course of treatments, hoping to avoid the intervention that would keep him out of action for a long time. Kelvin Amiens, Danielle Maldini and Jacopo Sala are also waiting for informationwith the last result not available only a day before the match against Sampdoria.” For Sala, this is the official diagnosis: “Low-grade injury to the left rectus femur The accused in the last sessions of last week.” He will try to return immediately after the break, but there are no confirmed matters at the moment.

LECCE – Updates from the home clinic Lychee D talking about stop panda, who will not go to the national team, but not only. “Panda was at rest, and could not respond to Zambia’s call-up, due to a blunt sprained injury to his right knee in the match in Salerno. Also at rest. By Francesco To increase the functional load to the left handle. He’s back training regularly with Pearson’s group.” Baroni hopes to find the injured players to resume the championshipwhen he trusts he has the whole team at his disposal.

Gonzalez – in sign Nico Gonzalez. He’s back from injury and now he doesn’t want to stop. Gazzetta dello sport Today he focuses precisely on the performance of the Argentine, who was called up at the last minute in the national team: “Nico can solve the problems of goals and unpredictability, if he returns after the break, it seems, with full energy. Because he is the only one who has the speed and imagination to put defensive barriers in Difficulty, as well as confidence in the goal that the rest of the purple group does not have. The numbers do not lie: in a total of only 146 minutes, Nico is the king of Fiorentina goals, because all the others, from Jovic to Cabral, Icone and his companions, have scored only one goal so far. It is clear that A relative number, but last season, supported by the personality of the wonderful Fiorentina who conquered Europe after years.Because the Argentine was one of the main champions, in his first experience in the Italian League, with seven goals and seven assists in 33 games. The only doubt about him remains physically: That little heel problem (from the Achilles onwards, the “Speedy” problem), which recurs so often. But this time Fiorentina wanted to keep him meticulously to give him a recovery and in good shape when the championship resumes”, as we read.