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On September 14, 2022 at 11:45 am

The obligations of the Italians in Europe continue today and tomorrow, then on Friday the seventh day of the Italian League will start with Salernitana Lecce leading at 20.45. The following is the news from the fields and newspapers on the situation of potential individuals and formations:

Atalanta Two new stations in the house Atalanta. One is David Zappacostasurprisingly excluded with Cremonese: will not return until after the second stop bergamonews.itIt’s a new muscle problem out there. as reveals Gazzetta dello sport“In a friendly match yesterday, stop You have For a muscular problem and it would be difficult for him to be in Rome at this point,” he reads.

Lazio The news from the infirmary at home Lazio towards the last two commitments before stopping. Talking about it today in Corriere dello Sport: “Sari will find again lasari After the break, the first-degree extension was confirmed after yesterday’s checkups at Paideia Hospital, and he hopes to get it back on resumption, for Lazio-Spezia (October 2). Yesterday’s Mao did not have Zcani and Pedro. Cancellieri reassured him. It’s the stark record of shooting day. The first is recovery from fatigue in the right adductor. Pedro suffers from the pain and effects of a sprained left ankle He was cured in post-inter training. If they are redeemed, they will be included in the called-up team, but they will sit on the bench. Sarri has already had the new Trident in mind and will train it with Felipe Anderson, Immobile and Cancelleri. To avoid risks, Zakani can also be avoided in the race to be ready for Cremona”, he reads the newspaper. Today, both Pedro and Zacani regularly worked with the group to finish the match.

Rome – Nikolo Zaniolo Ready to return to the field. Announced today Gazzetta dello sporttowards Roma’s commitment in tomorrow’s Europa League against Helsinki: “An animal. Yes, Jose Mourinho defined it just like that, in no uncertain terms. But in the good sense of the word, of course, to emphasize how much desire and how much sweat it takes to get back in hand at the earlier than expected. “Niccol should only be thanked, for he was working with us here as an animal,” in fact. That is the exact phrase expressed in Empoli by Special One. As if to emphasize the current feeling that has recently taken shape between him and Zaniolo. Tomorrow Nicolo will play for sure, either immediately or in the race. Meanwhile, today he will be next to Jose Mourinho in the pre-match conference. And it – in general – increases the chances of seeing it from the street ”, we read.

icons – in this days, The Gazzetta dello sport It also focuses on the situation in relation to Fiorentina and Jonathan Icon: There is no doubt that at the moment it is a disappointment for Commisso Club. Viola paid 15 million to get him out of Lille. He was never a great goalscorer, but in Florence he really exaggerates: in 22 league games, he was only one goal, with very choppy performances. He even risks losing his spot permanently compared to Kwame, a confirmed player who then remained in purple.

Fiorentina The dispensary is not emptied at home Fiorentina Conference League. Except for the surprises, not even the next tournament. This is how he talks about her today Florence courier: “Against the famous Basaksehir, Viola will always have to do without Nico Gonzalez, who has now been suspended since the first leg in Empoli. From that moment the Argentine could not enter the field. Also, Dudu (he will be out for at least a month) and Milinkovic will be appointed after the break. Raised The past few days have some hope for Duncan, who trained with his teammates yesterday and Monday. The training will also have to take into account sufferers like Sutil,” we read. He is also in doubt.

Bologna The first clues to the new Bologna by Thiago Motta. As I mentioned before Bologna courier“The good news arrived early in the morning: Exams prevented injuries to Arnautovic, Dominguez and Sanson, all curable for Empoli, then another training. Observation”, read it. He can change his form according to the newspaper and cited six attackers: perhaps evidence of a return to a trident in attack. To understand whether the defense is at 3 or 4, this drill will tell.

Turin – Except for surprises, Alexije Miranchuk will not return until after stopping at home Turin. There is still some faint hope of seeing him again in the team against Sassuolo, but Ivan Juric and his staff certainly won’t take any risks. Here’s the news from Gazzetta dello sport Today: “Always personal work for Ritchie and his treatments Miranchukif we talk about it again after the break,” we read. More optimistic instead Tuttosport On Russian:sI breathe a little optimism. Yes, because Miranchuk started training on Monday separately, accelerating the process that could lead to him being called up for Saturday’s match against Sassuolo. hopefull legal He made him sit on the bench with Niroverde,” we read. The upcoming training sessions will be decisive.

Milan – Possible configuration of the house Milan For today’s match against Dinamo Zagreb, scheduled for 6.45 pm in San Siro. Pioli has only one real doubt about the Rossoneri: either Brahim Diaz or De Ketelaere on the trocar, with the Spaniard ahead of the jersey. With Liao on the left and Selmakers on the right, behind the first striker Jerrod. In the midfield, the duo of Benaser-Tonali plays, in defense there are four owners: Calabria and Teo Hernandez in the center back, and Kalolo and Tomori in the middle.

Juventus – home choices Juventus For tonight’s Champions League match against Benfica. Max Allegri is ready to bet 3-5-2, with Owned by Kubia Vlahovic At the center of the attack. In the midfield – without the injured Locatelli and Rabiot – ready for McKinney, Paredes and Merity, with Cuadrado and Kochik on the side lanes. Alex Sandro is also missing due to injury. Triple defense with Bremer, Bonucci and Danilo; Plan B is still defending at 4′, with De Sciglio instead of Miretti at 1′.

Naples Solve two ballot papers Naples Who plays tonight in Glasgow against Rangers in the Champions League. in defense of magazine e Corriere dello Sport Oliveira is on pole position in Mario Rui on the left, with Kim, Rahmani and Di Lorenzo completing the section. There is no doubt in the midfield: it is up to Anguisa, Lobotka and Zelensky from 1′. In Kafara and Politano attack on the side lane, b Simeone at the pole are Raspadori The first attacker. Osimene and Lozano are unavailable, and two heavy forests are in front of Spalletti.