“No one talks about it, but my favorite in the World Cup is the Italian” – OA Sport

We got on the phone Michel Bartoli, a true arbiter of the classics of the ’90s, to put together an assessment of the first world championship and prediction for the online tests on Sunday 25th September. At Bartoli Park, the victories stand out at the Tour of Flanders 1996, Liege-Bastogne-Liege 1997 and 1998, Frecia Fallon 1999, Amstel Gold Race 2002, Giro de Lombardia 2002 and in 2003 a tricolor title, two stages in the Giro d’Italy and one day with the pink jersey and bronze medal At the World Championships in Lugano 1996 and Valkenburg 1998. A career that speaks of 57. Today Michel is one of the most appreciated coaches by the group, and there are many riders who count on his great experience.

A paradise time experience was below expectations, in a season that wasn’t great for him. why do you think?

“I think it’s a lack of motivation despite his young age. From a strong athlete like him, the team should ask for a little bit more and therefore new goals. If Ganna is ‘only’ asked for time trials, in my opinion, those experiences are disheartening in the long run. Should To ask him something every month to keep him on the right track. I don’t know Filippo very well, but that’s the idea that came to me. In my opinion he could do a lot more than he’s already done, and he’s already done a lot.”

What path do you think Filippo Gana should take to extend his career?

“Ineos is the head of the team and can be his home for a long time. The important thing is to always look for new goals like the races in Belgium. The one above all is Paris-Roubaix, passing from semi-classics like the E3 Harelbeke.”

Cycling for Italian youth is in trouble. How do you apply for cover?

“It is difficult because so little education and so much is required. In each class, from childhood, one asks for victory and thus the result without going into the rest.”

Who is your favorite for the online test on Sunday?

“It’s a name that few do, but my favorite is Davide Ballerini. I know him very well and he’s one of the fastest ever and in tears like in the World Championships, he’s one of the strongest. It’s clear, though, that everything should go smoothly and that be in 100% condition.”

Thinking of Italy, how should you operate tactically?

“He should take advantage of other people’s work a little bit and then play the throw-in.”

Have you thought over the years what you missed to win the World Cup you deserved?

“I thought about it a lot but the answer came immediately after the finish line: in Lugano there was some misunderstanding with the team in the final, despite being a great national team, instead in Valkenburg – the most beautiful team ever – unfortunately I stopped several times Because of bike issues then I hit three laps to go.”

Why do you think Italy is now so competitive on the track and less on the road?

“A large part of the credit should be given to Marco Villa. I don’t follow the track very closely but I know he does a great job with both girls and boys. Strong athletes are born both on the road and on the track, and then depend on making them grow the right way.”