Oglio Po GAL’s bike-friendly project, the Oglio Bike Tour . has begun

The Oglio Po LAG “Bicycle-Friendly” project, implemented in partnership with Oglio Sud Regional Park, with the Oglio Bike Tour in a completely new format: the first Bicistaffetta dell’Oglio Po. It is a candidate as a tourist experience for hobbyists, beginners and families to be one of the first examples of “cultural cycling” based on bike paths and trails fully integrated with the environmental and identity aspects that characterize the affected areas of the route.

In cycling from one village to another, to discover the grounds of the Oglio Sud Park on the Oglio River, a tourist image is favored that re-launches a model of economic and sustainable development fully integrated with crafts and traditions and in particular, with the first Bicistaffetta proposed, an innovative formula for the Oglio Bike Tour It is for lovers who want an independent cultural tourism linked to food and wine traditions. Guests will find a tourist destination ready to welcome them, also from the point of view of the offers and services offered, turning part of the bicycle path into an ideal stage to discover the region with three travel routes to choose from. There are three paths.

The first includes the Ostiano – Calvatone stage with participants meeting at 09.00 in Ostiano in Piazza Garibaldi where members will find the guide, have a “cyclist’s breakfast” and depart on the Oglio Cycling Route towards Isola Dovarese. Here they will meet a tour guide to visit Piazza Matteotti and the arcades. They will then continue to Carzaghetto where, always with the guide, they will visit the Basilica of San Michele Arcangelo. Then get to Canneto with a visit to the Ecomuseum and Einstein Mill and then continue to Calvatone and get to WWF Le Bine Oasis. A “Cycling Lunch Box” with local products will be distributed on kilometer zero to the participants. After lunch, for those who wish, there is the possibility to visit the oasis. In the afternoon around 17.00, return to Ostiano on the bike path with an anticipation of 19.00

The second itinerary will start at 09.00 from Gazzuolo and, as in the relay, will meet the first group at Calvatone. In Gazzuolo, participants will meet with a guide and, after the cyclist’s breakfast, depart on the Oglio cycle path towards Bozzolo for approximately 20 km. Upon arrival in Mantuan, a tour guide will accompany visitors on a tour dedicated to the character of Don Primo Mazzolari. We will then continue in the direction of Calphaton to explore the excavations of the ancient Roman center of Pedriacum and the new visitor center with a guide. A reunion with the first group of cyclists is scheduled to take place at WWF Le Bine Oasis at 1pm, with a break to discover local produce at Kilo Zero from the bike box lunch offered by the organizers. Also in this case

There is a possibility to visit the oasis and at about 4.30 pm it is expected to return to Gazzuolo on the bike path, arriving around 7.00 pm.

The third itinerary is the sum of the two previous itineraries and is expected to depart from Ostiano at 09.00, arriving at Le Bine, restarting at about 16.30 and continuing to Gazzuolo with arrival expected at 19.00. In this case, due to the long distance, a bus with a bicycle carriage was provided to return to Ostiano.

The initiative is supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development with recognition of the Lombardy region.

The Oglio bike tour is a realization of the intent expressed by GAL Oglio Po and Oglio Sud Park, between the public and private sectors to favor the construction and implementation of an event to be proposed again in the coming years We welcome the tourist who is increasingly eager for experiences. This formula shifts the focus towards the hiking tourism rental who wants to export the traditions of Oglio Po and which in the future will travel through other places and municipalities with the aim of retaining new guests in the area.

Visitors are increasingly asking about itineraries, cultural experiences and the Oglio Bike Tour Project with the first to please Bicistaffetta, with its characteristics, the rediscovery of unique places and the advantage of enjoying the delicious food and wine that the territory expresses.

Participation in the Oglio Bike Tour on September 24 is free and includes, in addition to the guide and guided tour, a cyclist’s lunch box and a “bike tour” gift.

Registration is mandatory and must be done on the tour-delloglio website until all available places are sold out.