Online il programma del Social Football Summit

Officially released Social Football Summit 2022 ProgramThe international event dedicated to innovation and digital transformation in the football industry.

On 27 and 28 September 2022 at the Olympic Stadium Over 100 speakers will attend to discuss and share strategies and initiatives.

Entrusted to Anna Quills who will, within two days of the event, be the face of the Social Football Summit and present champions who will share their contributions with the audience present in the stands. This year, the SFS organization expects to design spaces capable of hosting several initiatives and an in-depth section.

The opening is scheduled for September 27 at 9.30 with the Under Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Valentina Vezzali.President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, and Adviser to Major Events, Sports, Tourism and Fashion at Roma Capital, Alessandro Onorato and President and CEO of Sports and Health, Vito Cozzoli, to continue thereafter with the intervention of ” CEO of Serie A, Luigi Di Cervo gave an interview to Riccardo Trevisani. Also on the morning of the first day, the committee was titled “The New Era of Football: Interruptions, Growth, Decline and Opportunities” with interventions by the Secretary General of the Prime Minister, Roberto Chipa, FIFA Representative, Ornella Biglia and Serie A President Lorenzo Cassini.

At an event like Football First, which focuses on the value of innovation, companies from the digital world such as Google, Twitter, Meta, Volkswagen, Microsoft, YouTube, Amazon Aws, Almaviva, Infront, One Football, BIP and The Nemesis, TIM, which will take turns , in two days of the event, in the main stage.

Great interest in the speech, due to be given on the 27th afternoon, by Khaleda Popal – founder and captain of the Afghanistan women’s national team, who is now involved with “Girl Power” – and who will be interviewing Anna Quills.

The FIFA Social Summit 2022 program also includes the attendance of football clubs and support of Lega Serie A to discuss communication and marketing strategies, thus the branding activities implemented by clubs and major international federations to interact with fans around the world.

Also present were the coach of the men’s national team, Roberto Mancini, of the women’s national team, Melina Bertolini, and the national under-21 team, Paolo Nicolato, and then again FIFA President, Gabriel Gravina, and LNPB President, Mauro. slab. And again, Christian Vieri, Daniel De Rossi, Daniel Adani, Federico Pastorello, Andrea D’Amico, Joe Tacobina, Dario Meri, Giampero Mazza and many more. Innovation is the driver for the SFS22 program and on 27 AM Phase 2, the ideas selected for the Multisoccer Challenge, created in collaboration with AlmavivA, will be presented; Startups and companies will take turns on stage to introduce their innovative products and services.

In the afternoon, it is worth noting the initiative “Future of Football: Youth and Sustainability” with President Mauro Balata who will meet coach Paolo Nicolato and other guests. A moment of engagement and depth on topics of great interest. The implementation of the Marketing Committee with all representatives of the Lega Serie A teams and the realization of B-Future, an initiative around the formation of League B with all 20 clubs associated, completes a very intense day.

The second day will see several international guests in attendance with a panel titled “Private Equity in Football Governance”, with the participation of Giampiero Mazza, Managing Director of CVC Capital, then follow-up on the interventions of One Football, Amazon Web Services, Infront and AdPlay.

In the program, there will be a space dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs in football, with a panel organized in collaboration with MISE, AlmavivA and Studio Ontier.