organizational disaster. That’s why Stefano Domenicali is right

It was announced Stefano Domenicali on Sky Microphones During the free practice of Zandvoort GP: “The Monza Grand Prix is ​​in danger, the organizers need to wake up!”.

What at first seemed an exaggeration, justified by the prevailing notion that a greedy world like F1 often chased after the stench of money on exotic beaches, It turned out to be a very clear and reasonable affirmation in the eyes of all those who, like me, had a “Prato” ticket for the Brianza GP race.

Glossy Pictures for TV (Anthem, tricolor arrows, red tide, stars and club ring) Hide Behind the curves of the track Scientist: that meadow, Completely deserted to herselfwith situations of complete chaos, inefficiency and inefficiency such as jeopardizing the safety of those present and those involved in the work.

regulatory machine (dis) From the racetrack succeeded in the giant project to beat as well mad unionwho put a crane on the track without waving the red flag (an insult to the memory of the late Jules Bianchi).

Pet Walk i Fanzon

Being able to walk just a few meters from the cars, and observe the stop-and-go tests inside the pits, is an unmissable event for every F1 fan, making Thursday a special day. It is a pity that a few days after the arrival of the official status: There will be no pit walks this year.
Despite the obvious hassles, hope and passion still leads you to enter the racetrack to breathe the atmosphere of Fanzone and explore the track with a cold beer. But the Autodrome social page warns Thursday that Fanzone and the track will remain closed until free practice. Power of attorney seals prevent jobs Violations of the provisions of municipal planning tools. Fan Zone Not ready to host the masses e In the end it won’t open until Saturday. Pity.

Shuttle and trains

Black Line paid shuttles, designed to cover the station track – racetrack and vice versa, Return flights ended at 20:30, leaving most of the fans on foot. Moreover, the station was located about a kilometer from the entrance to the racetrack, in such a way as to encourage tired and thirsty fans to buy products and tools in the stands outside the circuit.
Arriving at the station in the evening, the situation was not a peaceful flow, but a real evacuation.
The fully “military” Monza station, where policemen invite fans of any nationality to board the first train (with or without a ticket). And to add to the tragic circumstances, there was a Treynord strike on Friday. There is no clear responsibility for the racetrack, but it would have been nice to warn fans on social media, especially those who arrived from abroad… Who knows what happened to them!?

BAR E . symbol

To use the services Food and drink At the racetrack it was necessary to use tokens: dummy symbols, which had to be replaced at some of the kiosks set up along the way. High school party genius created kilometer queues, with Waiting times over 90 minutes, even just to change money, then queue up for another to be able to collect your desired drink. And finally to discover that at 2pm on a Sunday it’s already over, absolutely everything!

After a few moments of racing, the script is a post-apocalyptic movie: The bankers ran away, stood up and were broken into by some fans who tapped the beer themselves and stole the barrels to use as fish for use in the GP’s better visibility. In addition to the insult of course: many fans will wake up on Monday morning with many Code In your pocket, because it is clear, needless to say, that it was non-refundable. Money doesn’t stink.

Checks and safety

A standing ovation to the hosts, bankers, volunteers and everyone else who worked through Monza’s ordeal.Real heroes.
Their incompetence is not justified: Children sent to the front without any education, unleashed “meat for slaughter” at an event for 337,000 people beaming with blatant organizational absence.
The controls, on the other hand, were only meant to untie the caps from the horrible water bottles on Friday, only to admit it was strict on Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday madness

We need clarification: The Italian public is no worse than the English or the Dutch, but if you allow that constant proportion of impudent beasts to act like beasts, they will. This is the difference from the outside: here at Monza everything is allowed.
Arriving on a Sunday at 7am at the racetrack is not enough to find a seat along the already fan-filled track. Only a small part of Serraglio’s “promised land” remains, shortly after Lesmo 2 left.
The hosts keep fans out of the net with white-red tape to let an ambulance pass, at 15 minutes into the race there’s hell: a tape torn, center lost after eight hours and a crazy crowd slinging against fences. but “Motorsport is dangerous”
The host looks at us and confesses: “What can I do with him? I have to defend my boys. Then in the end it went well: in Ascari’s free stands they were fighting for hours”.

Poor Monza

Sorry for the story, sorry for the legendary track, but what I feel like saying is that Monza does not deserve the red tide and above all it does not deserve Formula 1.
Circles of personal experience like Spielberg and Hungaroring are light years before our home path. the heat From regulators to incredibly filling the circle to inflate their chest in the face of Domenicali’s claims it was a huge throwback. Just take a tour Comments within autodrome . posts To understand the extent of discontent.
Doubts remain about the permanence of the Italian stage in the 2023 calendar, but as far as I’m concerned, I have no doubts: it has already been lost by a Monza fan.