Pecco, now that you have your A3 license, come take a ride with us! – MotoGP

nOn the afternoon of Monday 12 September, Pecco Bagnaia passed the practical test for obtaining the A3 license in Loreto, which allows you to drive motorcycles without limiting displacement and power. Why Loreto? Because Piedmontese Bagnaia now lives permanently in Pesaro. Engineer Massimo Baba followed it up and checked it for registration.

Some newspapers, publishing the news, immediately (and somewhat maliciously) remembered the story of last summer, when Pecco in Ibiza put the car wheels in a holeUpon the arrival of the police, it was found that he drank more than the permissible limits. Lightness overcome by public apologies and a serious commitment not to repeat itself.

Motorcyclists aren’t too bothered by the matter, but they may find it odd to have a professional racer like Bagnaia, who is 25 years old, battling for the 2022 MotoGP title on the world’s fastest circuits with nearly three hundred horses under his stern rear. He may be content for years to drive a maximum of one hundred and twenty-five on the street. But this is the case for almost all pilots.

The exceptions are few and well known. In September of last year, Johann Zarco made a journey of a thousand kilometers driving the old Dharma Ducati 900 Forty years ago. Frenchman Pramac has a lot of passion, and he admitted that with modern bikes, he tends to go very fast on the road. But in most cases, motorcyclists prefer to drive on the street.

It’s always been that way, since the ’60s and ’70s. With the first links, Almost all professional drivers get to have the nicest car possible and with time, maybe others will follow. There are those who have a real collection of supercars. It’s a matter of prestige, but it’s also a solution seen as more secure.

When we read certain statements from motorcyclists, who may specify that they have their own sayings Fear at the idea of ​​traveling down the street by motorcycle, we shouldn’t be surprised or angry too much. These guys started riding a bike from an early age and they did it on a track. They know they take great risks every Sunday and try to justify: by banishing anxiety through the frantic pursuit of personal safety. Riding on the road usually never goes away and starting to do it in the middle of your career doesn’t make much sense.

They are also fans of motorcycles, of course, but in another way. Even in another world, I say, with little free time available in the summer. This does not mean that Pecco Bagnaia, having received the appropriate driver’s license, can also buy a Multistrada V4 – I’m sure they will give it a little discount – and plan a vacation with Domitia on summer break next year. On social media, we can all, more experienced than it, suggest a range of possible cool destinations. Climbing up the Jiao Pass by bike is, for one thing, a little better than doing it with the most beautiful car in the world.

Photo: Il Resto del Carlino