Pitstop, Formula 1’s first racing video game

The company spanned many genres, and it also had a connection with motor racing and in fact in 1983 it publishes its own interpretation of Formula 1 in the form of a Pitstop.


The game was published on Colecovision, Atari 8-bit computer and Commodore 64 and is especially popular on this latter computer. While video games timidly offered some “simulation” elements here and there, it was probably the most popular racing game

first place

From 1982, made famous by the secret – and highly publicized – version of the Atari 2600. In his footsteps (or rather, clean up), Epyx gave life to the Pitstop, and maintained a similar position (with one of the first convincing “third person” Racing game opinions) e

Present at least a series of innovative elements


In addition to quite convincing performance of the controls, in fact,

Pitstop offers several options to organize the match

(including the primitive league) as well as the elementary

Simulation of damage to the car

. A sequel to this last novelty is the very important pit stop phase, in which

He is the player who manages all phases of changing the tire

which was definitely innovative and cool at the time.

64- Masoud

So Pitstop stands out and is a moderate hit with critics and audiences

On all the platforms for which it is deployed, it is sufficient for Epyx to green-tick a sequel titled simply

Pitstop II

published in 1984. Great knowledge of hardware and a desire to improve itself led the software house to produce what is considered a true masterpiece: more specific and faster than the first chapter,

Pitstop II offers more tracks, a better pit session and above all the ability to play in pairs on the same screen, through a flexible “split screen” mode


Due to the success of the first “chapter”, Epyx decided to roll out the Pitstop II to a wider range of platforms which now also includes the PC Ms Dos at the time but

Once again, it is the Commodore 64 edition that earns the most excellent critical reviews

He held a prominent place in the hearts of fans of racing games in the early 80’s. Also note

One of the first introductions to the already existing digital versions of circuits

with six real-world tracks reproduced in the game complete with a mini-map to stay in control of the race, an element we certainly take for granted today in a similar video game but

Then consider a revolutionary


64- Masoud

So it was a shame that Pitstop was interrupted by the beautiful second episode:

In fact, Epyx abandoned the world of Formula 1 to devote itself, in 1996, to motorcycle racing with the valid Super Cycle.

, a racing game very close to the beautiful SEGA Hang-On. Trying today’s Pitstop classes to realize their correctness is not easy, since there are no “conversions” of modern systems, and therefore we must turn to simulation.

It should be noted, however, that somewhat surprisingly,

Pitstop II came to the Nintendo Wii in 2008 via Virtual Console

. One might be wondering, at this point, how important this series will be if Epyx continues to produce better and better chapters.

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