Pogba, love at first sight

As soon as possible, back to the neighborhood Brescia Where the African and Moroccan community took root for years, where he grew up, started kicking a ball, and the youth sector of the swallows watched him. Over the course of twelve years, his life has been a series of feelings. Chapel of San Giacomo, Brescia, Atalanta, Benfica. Dear Ndoorwho turned 18 on July 27, is one of those talents Italy has left club football for, but thankfully that hasn’t happened yet. National. A Berisha mother, a Senegalese father, the star who plays for Benfica B in the Portuguese league Segunda, who appeared today Youth League will play against Juventus child, Cher has been a strong point in the blue youth teams for several years, but in the meantime (as he reveals in the preview) the Senegalese national team’s first call-up has also arrived. “For now, let’s know I don’t care – Narrated by Talentino from Cantera Benfica – Because I feel 100% Italian and my dream is to debut in the blue with the first team“.Zorato, Banco, Corradi and Bollini are the coaches who encouraged him to give more and more with Italy”Because Gnonto’s call shows that Mancini is also watching the youth and the big opportunity could come at any moment. I know if I said yes to Senegal, the road would be closed in blue for me forever, but that’s not what I want right now. Of course, never say ‘no’ and if in a few years Italy doesn’t focus on me, I can also think of the idea of ​​playing for my father’s nation, but for now I have other ideas, projects and dreams.“.Also because after the promotions of San Giacomo-Brescia-Atalanta-Benfica, always and only at the youth level, Cher Ndour has to take the most important step, which is to be able to enter football permanently.”The goal is to make his debut with the Benfica first team, to show myself in Schmidt’s eyes. However, the Portuguese second division is already a competitive tournament and I’m sure I can continue to grow there tooH”.

Why move from Brescia to Atalanta?
“I played with rondinelle from 6 to 10 years, but the club in my city was not good at that time, so I got Atalanta whom I thank for maturity with coaches like Giordani, Riba, Di Centio and Fiorito. When I got a call from Benfica, I couldn’t help I say no, I’m one of the best youth sectors in the world, and even in this case, my parents, while advising me of the best, always left me the last decision. I’m fine, I live and play and in a wonderful city.”

That Benfica is now in the lead with the youth sector, they proved it by winning the Yoh League last April after eliminating Juventus in the semi-finals and drowning Salzburg in the final (6-0, until N’Dour scored). Will it be some kind of revenge against the Bianconeri today?
“Of course they want revenge, but we are focused on repeating ourselves and lifting the trophy again. For the first team match, Benfica are doing well: between La Liga and the Champions League, they always win, including the qualifiers. There is no longer the Darwin Nunes phenomenon, but there are still very strong players: Rafa Silva, David Neres, Enzo Fernandez, Gonzalo Ramos, Otamendi, Gilberto, Grimaldo, Vlachodimos and I can go on… that you are doing well. She didn’t start at her best and she really has to win this game, but it’s still Juventus and it has many great champions and many resources.”

That Juventus that I started rooting for with Pogba?
“Yes, it was love at first sight. Paul is my idol and I hope to see him on the pitch again soon because such players are good for football. I am a Juventus fan, but not this time because Benfica is my home now, my head and my heart for this club. I was also a supporter of Brescia: when I come home, I go to watch the swallows in the tavern or at my friends’ house, they always follow the lioness ».

Is Pogba also idolized for the closeness of the role?
“At first I was an attacking winger. In Brescia, it was Giovanni Valenti, one of Mario Balotelli’s first coaches, who changed my role by moving to the midfield. Now I like to play a left midfielder, with a tendency to attack, or play a midfielder.”

Do you want to return to Italy someday?
“Of course, the Serie A is a good tournament, but I like the Spanish League as well as the English Premier League. Before returning to my country, I would like to continue my growing career and play in foreign leagues. He obviously started from the Portuguese as I still have to debut and can’t wait. Last year I did some training with the Benfica first team and having Darwin Nunez and the other champions I mentioned earlier was a huge emotion.”