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The World Championships, for now, continues to observe a strict bi-weekly rhythm. Once the Austrian GP is archived, there will be a weekend before The second Italian appointment this season. In fact, you will get back on track from From 2 to 4 September in that Misano Adriaticowhere is the Grand Prix in San Marino. The event will be a harbinger of many topics, starting with the fight for the MotoGP world title.

In this regard, it is worth noting Francesco Bajnaya It is located in a great location on the racetrack dedicated to the memory of Marco Simoncelli. Unfortunately pico Hectare Collected much less than it could be, Because he was the first to pass under the flag “only” in September 2021, but we must not forget how he threw away with a now-defining victory in both the previous and subsequent races. In short, lately he has been Francesco Misano’s worst enemy Bagnaia himselfBecause without the two petty slips he could have boasted of having scored three successes in a row!

It is also right to remember how San Marino 2022 will be the last in Andrea’s career Doviziosowhich – which He will attach the helmet to the nail Sunday 4 September only, without waiting for the end of the season. So it will be an opportunity to say a final goodbye to the thirty-six years of Forli, 125cc world champion in what’s now 2004 And for three consecutive years the runner-up in the MotoGP World Championships, always behind Marc Marquez. Iride will never have made it to the Queens class, but her 15 wins (including 14 in Ducati) aren’t nuts. For those who cannot be on the site, it will still be possible to follow San Marino Grand Prix on TV. Come?

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Free TV in the light – The free channel TV8 (125 from Sky and 8 from DTT) will be broadcast Free mail in directly The qualifications Not gear of all categories. Misano’s appointment is actually the fifth of the six that will be offered free in 2022. However, no free practice coverage is planned.

Pay TV – Objective channel Skysport Moto GP (208) will guarantee full direct San Marino Grand Prix, including every free practice session. also Sky Sports One (201) You will have the opportunity to suggest the same programming.

flow – The entire Romagna event can be watched live on computers, tablet and smartphone through the app sky go (Reserved exclusively for Sky subscribers). It will also be possible to see the appointment on the on-demand streaming service right Now. Finally, we must not forget how the live qualifiers and race will be available on the website

life life – OA Sport will provide you with complete written directions for all rounds of San Marino Grand Prix racing, from free practice to the checkered flag to race each class.


Friday 2 September
08.25-08.45, MotoE, Free Training 1
09.00-09.40, Moto3, Free Workout 1
09.55-10.40 MotoGP Free Training 1
Hours 10.55-11.35, Moto2, Free Trials 1
12.35-12.55, MotoE, Free Practice 2
13.15-13.55, Moto3, Free Practice 2
14.10-14.55, MotoGP, Free Training 2
Hours 15.10-15.50, Moto2, Free Trials 2
16.50 – 17.00, Motorcycles, Qualifying – Q1
17.10-17.20, Motorcycles, Qualifiers – Q2

Saturday 3 September
09.00-09.40, Moto3, Free Practice 3
09.55-10.40, MotoGP, Free Training 3
Hours 10.55-11.35, Moto2, Free Trials 3
12.35-12.50, Moto3, Qualifiers – Q1
13.00-13.15, Moto3, Qualifiers – Q2
13.30-14.00, MotoGP, Free Training 4
14.10-14.25, Motorcycles, Qualifiers – Q1
14.35-14.50, MotoGP, Qualifiers – Q2
15.10-15.25, Moto2, Qualifiers – Q1
15.35-15.50, Moto2, Qualifiers – Q2
16.25, motorcycle, 1 . race

Sunday 4 September
Ore 09.00-09.10, Moto3, Warm-up
Ore 09.20-09.30, Moto2, Warm-up
Raw 09.40-10.00, MotoGP, warm-up
11.00 am, Moto3, Grand Prix
12.20 PM, Moto2, GRAND PRIX
2.00 pm, Speedway, Grand Prix
3.30 p.m. Speedway, 2nd race

Photo: Valerio Origo