Re-registration of the full amount of the share

The bettors who bet on Juventus’ victory over Salernitana have been compensated. All of them got the full amount of the bet after the chaos after the goal was canceled in Melek.

specific point Juventus Salernitana. Last weekend’s challenge to the championship ended with a score of 2-2 and with an endless queue of controversy due to the goal disqualification at the end of Milek, got people talking and will continue to do so for a long time to come. VAR error, which did not validate the electrode network due to Position Bonucci offsidein line with CandrevaIt was very dangerous. Total discontent on the part of the Juventus fans and the general public of all football fans and fans who clearly considered the unfair decision that caused Juventus to lose two points in the standings.

The protest because of this goal that did not allow Juventus to win and complete an incredible comeback after falling by two goals, was also many bettors. many 2-2 after a penalty kick from Bonucci They were actually targeting the running race Share in the victory of the Bianconeri while many of them have already played the success of the Allegri team even before the match started. Much has been compensated as the error has been clearly acknowledged.

The low camera image that was supposed to arouse suspicion among the VAT staff

The low camera image that was supposed to arouse suspicion among the VAT staff

The AIA had announced that VAR did not have the image available Which Candreva depicted in keeping with Bonucci based only on available materials. The shots only highlight Bonucci’s offside position after Milik’s header, which is considered active in the goal movement. The cancellation of the goal came as a surprise to both Juventus fans and many players who already believed they had won the match after the Bianconeri’s victory. Vertical meat lift from“Marcenaro, the referee Which referred to the intrusion by canceling the network, removed all the guarantees of the various bookies.

After the outcry on social media and the indignation of those who repeatedly asserted that they felt “cheated”, an unexpected response arrived. On a few occasions, bookmakers may try to activate this refund of the entire lot. 883 Sports instead You have decided to pay the full share of all the bettors Who bet on the number 1, which indicated the victory of Juventus, in one game. Yesterday up to 143 users discovered the amount of money spent to bet the Old Lady’s success against Salernitana directly on their account so that they can immediately reinvest them in any bet present in the betting offer.