Road to Misano: With the Suzuki GSX-S1000GT, the trend of MotoGP – News

Summer is coming to an end, but not the desire to escape. Therefore, in light of Misano’s recent appointment with MotoGP, we have decided to hit the track along an exciting track Itinerary from Rome to the Adriatic. Components, art cities, dream villages, natural areas, curved paths and … racing sports tours like Suzuki GSX-S1000GT: Racing-derived four-cylinder engine, powerful yet comfortable driving position, side-luggage bags; The perfect car that combines the fun of traveling with the unique taste of shows and racing. Her, look for impressions The “Travel” video is not to be missed more.

With capital in the back

Starts from Millview BridgeIn the heart of Rome. pass through Flaminia to TerniAs the city moves away, the concrete gives way to more abundant vegetation, with smooth hills and planted fields as a backdrop. The real journey starts here. Castelnuovo di Porto, Morlupo and Rignano Flaminio doubled in quick succession. A quick turn in the direction of Valeria leads to Triga Valley Regional Natural Parkwith the waterfalls montegelato (The film set dear to directors of the caliber of Zeffirelli and Rossellini), and the magnetic beauty of broken; The latter, which came back to life around the 1960s, thanks to the commitment of painters, sculptors and intellectuals from all over the world, who renewed the historic center by creating artisan shops and art workshops.


With the wheels back on the Flaminia, I sidestepped the Surat mountain, and after a series of wide geometry bends, here it is Civita Castellana With its great little treasures. Such as the cathedral, Rocca, precious religious buildings and the picturesque Ponte Clementino. Continue to pass the Otricoli, and a little later, my fire Standing imposingly from the outcrop of rock to which it clings. The history of this city has ancient roots. The Augustus Bridge, which overlooks the Nera River, testifies to this. But it is above all the medieval atmosphere that hovers in the historic center that irreparably hijacks those who get there.
immediately after, The thirty kilometers surrounded by greenery that separates Terni and Spoleto They offer a quick and fun mix, to be enjoyed in one breath to the so-called Umbrian Valley. Here the GSX-S1000GT can stretch the cylinders well, giving vibes. Spoleto, a priceless gem, is worth visiting the magnificent Duomo, Albornoziana Castle, Ponte delle Torri, the Basilica of San Salvatore and the unique atmosphere that pervades the streets of the center; But also – and gourmets are invited above all – to the famous ice cream parlor “Crispini” (viale Trento e Trieste, 29).
a little further, Clitunno . sources It is a green oasis of great beauty, dear to artists, poets and writers. Like Pliny the Younger, Virgil, and later Byron and Carducci. The ancient Romans considered its waters sacred, and they went there to consult the oracle of the god Clituno, to whom a small temple was also dedicated. Not far away, the fortified village of Campello Alto, with the ramparts surrounding the old medieval center, literally leaves you breathless. The nearby Castle Bisignano is also worth a visit.


Just before arriving in Trevi, a quick detour through the precious vineyards dedicated to the production of Sagrantino leads to Montefalco: With its picturesque old town, another unmissable stop along the way. Just like, right after that, Foligno e Spilo. The first is the captivating atmosphere that reigns in Piazza della Repubblica, with the Duomo and Palazzo Trinci; The second, sandwiched between ancient Roman walls on the slopes of Mount Subasio, exudes art and history from every corner, building and alley. A visit to the Baglioni Chapel in Santa Maria Maggiore, with its ceramic floor in Deruta and frescoes by Pinturicchio, is not to be missed.
Leave the soft valley and head straight to Nocera Umbra and Gualdo Tadino. The landscape changes, with a dense green carpet covering the horizon wherever you look. majestic Monte Cocowhich flows to the right, announces arrival at fragment And another turn that can’t be missed; For two reasons: great visit Gubbio, an upscale artistic city that surprises every time you arrive (the view from Piazza della Signoria is exciting); and 13 kilometers to reach it, The famous “Botacione” curves, a kind of playmobil track that brings everyone together, geeks and cool bikers. Here, Suzuki claimed to have made appearances, up and down, at least a dozen times.

marshjian magic

Back on the Via Flaminia, folds and mountain scenarios still lead to Cali, with the imposition of the Ponte Malio, built by the Romans in the late Republican era; And soon after, there he is Aqualagnaa destination for gourmets looking for fine local truffles (but also for keen hikers to visit nearby Furlough Fjords). Leave Flaminia and continue with SP257 until Urban – A village to discover, splendidly situated at the bend of the Metauro River – then turn onto the delicious SS73bis, which bend after bend Urbino, full of atmosphere and artistic jewellery. Inside the Palazzo Ducale, the National Gallery of the Houses of the Marche, as well as some masterpieces of Piero della Francesca, Titian and Raphael, “Ideal City”an exceptional work (still in search of an author) that wonderfully exemplifies the perfection and harmony of the Italian Renaissance.

Waiting for us, Alex Rains

Once in Pesaroa quick turn leads to Fano, ‘City of Vitruvius’, with the colossal Porta Maggiore preceding the famous Arch of Augustus. and then Nice trip along the famous “Panoramica”The coastal road, SP44, which draws endless threads overlooking the sea even jabechiand away from the GSX directly on the circuit, A wonderful surprise awaits us in the ring: Alex Raines, Suzuki flag carrier in Moto GB. Ritual photos, 360-degree conversation about motorbikes, competitions, sports rides on our trip… Then the qualifying calls and it’s time to say goodbye.

How about this “Road to Misano”?: folds of a dream, a motorcycle with a heart of gold, incredible places, the adrenaline of the pavement, the riders who exchange opinions with them … Shouldn’t racing weekends always be this way?