“Rome is the best place. A finger in the mouth? Oriana is scared.”

Rome After two consecutive defeats away from home, Roma returns to win away from Empoli. Jose Mourinho’s team beat Tuscany 2-1 thanks to goals Dybala e lbrahim And it climbed to 13 points in the standings, just one distance from the top. at the end of the match Paulo Dybala They spoke to Sky Microphones for comment on the outcome.

Cheer up with us?
“With Matthias we drink Mate, he does it great. So I wanted to celebrate with him.”

What did Mourinho want from you?
“I didn’t have much freedom. He wanted me to stand next to Abraham, to squeeze their center. After the target I disobeyed, they actually had more space. I had to be more inside, but it’s a matter of characteristics.”

Did you also feel Zaniolo wanted to stay with the team? What was in that hug?
“Sure. Before those two defeats we had to be a more team to get out of it. We knew it was going to be very difficult for Nicolo to play tonight because of his injury, but he showed, more than professionally, the desire to be with us with the group to give them his readiness. The coach called him and he came, This is an important message for us.”

How long does Rome miss to get close to the Scudetto?
“I said that in my presentation. We have to be reassuring, even if there is a desire. We have one of the best coaches and many players who have won. We have to be calm and win race after race to create a certain mentality.”

Are we talking about winning the European League or are we thinking step by step?
“I don’t mean we aim to win anything in particular, we have to go slowly. We have to be able to take on every race with the right mentality. After two defeats, now another important match awaits us.”

How did you find the rooster?

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Dybala, charm and hug for Zaniolo. Abraham is there, Rome party

These are Dybala’s words to a dozen

nice evening? It hurts a little bit but sometimes it’s better to win like that.”

Your exhilaration with the pacifier? My girlfriend was worried but she is not a child. With Vina we drink mate together, also with Ibanez and before the match we are always together. I was happy with it that way.”

Rome gives warmth and enthusiasm, you grow. Are you ready to become a leader?“Yes, I try to be in good shape because it is necessary for me to give continuity and be a point of reference for my teammates. I try to do my best for myself, for the team and for the fans who have welcomed me in such a wonderful way. I will always be in their debt. I hope to be a football captain. More than off the field, that’s the important thing for me.”

Will Pellegrini take the next penalty again or will you change? “We haven’t talked about it before, we’re deciding at the moment. She scored but Pellegrini no, he needed it for confidence. It’s true he kicked it. If there was another one, it would always be seen right now, and it wasn’t decided before” .

How much do you need to restore the enthusiasm around you? Did you have bad thoughts this summer?“Yeah it was special. I had to stay calm, I needed to train with a team because the tournament was approaching, and there was the World Cup. I had to feel good and have a good year. The best place for me and I found it is – she.”

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