San Siro, the new project of Inter and Milan expect complete demolition

Clubs decision after reduction in volumes envisioned by Pgt. The new stadium will be ready by 2030

stadium San Siro will be completely demolished.: This is what the file provides Milan e Inter They were sent to Rome, in view of the commencement of public debate, after Reducing the volumes envisaged in the Regional Governance Plan (Pgt) to build the new stadium. Discount, we read in the Milan back of Corriere della Sera, which the clubs reluctantly accepted. Of the three constellations provided in previous master charts, Only one will remainAccording to the Milan newspaper, which will host the operational headquarters of the two clubs for most regions.

It will be a 17-storey office building, 87 meters high, two towers, and a conference center with an area of ​​4,000 square meters, 12 meters high, A commercial mall with an area of ​​68 thousand square meters Arranged on three levels overlooking the Via Dessiè. Entertainment area 9000 meters and Sports Museum 2700 square metersboth are the 1,300 square meter sports activity center that will host an urban running course.

The area currently occupied by San Siro has been reconfigured Sports area with the creation of a green area (more than 50,000 meters will be of the deep type), and equipped with play and sports areas. In order to complete all the expected works (new stadium and booth) 80 working months. The teams assume the start of works on January 1, 2024 “to ensure that the Patroclus Tunnel is open to traffic for the 2026 Winter Olympics and that local roads are freed from the flow of traffic.” To do this, the clubs are indicating that the licensing process will end by 2023. The works are scheduled to be completed on July 31, 2030.

“This is the teams’ proposal and let’s see what the public debate will come of. Let’s let the city debate, I understand the project makes sense for the teams. I’m for all those asking to stay San Siro say, what are we going to do with it?So the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, He commented on the sidelines of a meeting at the State University about the project of the new stadium, which the clubs amended for public discussion, which provides for the complete demolition of the Meazza and not to save part of it. Even from the committees that defend San Siro No idea came up to run two stadiums – he added -. From my point of view I think it is Economic burdenUnless someone comes up in the public discussion to say we’re managing it and renting it out for a number of years.”

The solution involving the demolition of San Siro was born, Sala explained, because the municipality asked teams to reduce volumes and maintain a large portion of the green space in the area. “Teams responded that they should use the space that the stadium is occupying today – and stamp -. That’s what the clubs are proposing and that’s why it’s important to discuss it.”