Sarri’s doubts and the harsh judgment of the team that shake Lazio

It’s the lowest point in Valid management. Freezing rain, like the Danish winds and the howling of Herning Arena, as they bring Lazio back to Earth when it seemed to have taken the new course. Mao, miserable, He saw the same ghosts of the past. «It looked like last year’s team, the team that collapsed in Verona as well as in Bologna. Sometimes he does not appear on the field. When that happens, that kind of match comes up. It hurts more in Europe. It hurts so much because I thought we were working in the right direction».

Sari spoke frankly about assumptionFrom superficial. «We had no humility. The players thought that they would fix the game sooner or later. When you walk the pinwheel with the wrong mindset, especially in Europe, you don’t get out of it. There is no solutionTry in front of the cameras group protection. «The responsibility rests with me, and I will meet the players tomorrow (Today at Piacenza Boot Camp, editor). I will ask for an explanation. For three days we talked and told each other to humbly introduce ourselves. I’ve seen an enormous level of assumption. He looked fine in the first 25 minutes. We had the ball in hand, we were still, and we played at a low pace, as if we were going 4-0 in our favour.».

A valid apology to the fans

Sarri had changed 8 compared to Verona. It would have been the same without turnover. «I’ve seen sixteen years on the field at the same mental level“.The coach also went to apologize to the ultras at the end of the match.”I’m sorry for the fans, both those who saw us from home and those who came to Denmark. We did not represent our people with dignity. I told them they were right, and we didn’t play, so we went to meet the idiot. We were completely wrong in approach, that was obvious. Touch the team without drowning. If you play like this, you will get a goal sooner or later in the no-possession stage».

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Sarri rule that shakes Lazio

will open Another session of psychoanalysis Inside the locker room. “I do not see significant differences. It’s a sudden emotional breakdown like last year. It is difficult to understand the reasons. If it were me, I would take a step back. If it is the player’s fault, it must be sold immediately. Someone within the group translating this germ is necessarily presentOn a specific request for more information, he explained:It’s not the locker room where critical issues are felt, but these emotional and nervous drops that are present. I’m afraid there is a reason, it has not been tamed and determined. There are no wrong relationships in the group that can appear, it’s a nice environment to live in, but then there are games to play.“. still. “Speaking of germs, I don’t want to get the wrong message across. Anyone can pass it on regardless of their will, not someone who says “make it superficial”. I say that the game is prepared in a superficial way and played with a premise. The team the day before didn’t give you that kind of feeling in training. It is difficult to say how to solve it. Had I known, I would have already intervened».

need to Give credit to the Danes. «I’m not surprised by the level of Midtijlland, but this time it’s unrecognizable. They will also find a live team head-to-head…The night is dark. Last thought full of despair. «You have to grow, I can’t do it alone. I can create a mindset, values ​​and a hammer. I said to the boys, but there must be an inner surprise, or else the words are blown by the wind».

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