SBK 22 | Review – Streaming but no flashing

ten years have passed Since the release of the latest Milestone game dedicated to SuperbikeWhich is why we’re so happy to be able to tell you that SBK 22 In our review: The lack of a title dedicated to this section of the two-wheeled world was felt and expectations were high.

SBK 22

a program:
Arcade driving, racing game, simulation, sports
Exit date:
September 15, 2022

A while ago, a short trailer let us take a little look: Career Mode, Quick Challenges, and of course Official list of pilots. I understand teacher It is a recreation of a simulation environment with faithful reproductions and more immersive gameplay.

So, without too many stories, we launched ourselves on the right track with high expectations and memory Moto GB 22 behind. SBK 22 Can he give us what we wish for? Let’s find out through Playstation 5 reviewRemember, the game is also available from September 15th PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

This list reminds us of something

Upon opening the SBK 22 menu, we had a déjà vu. In fact, from the first moments we found ourselves in front of Graphics and HUD been seen in Moto GB 22. The initial impression was that you opened the wrong address.

Just as with its cousin Milestone, also in SBK 22 We were greeted with a series of preliminary lessons. Driving aids fall into two main categories: basic and advanced tests. The first will allow us to start Get to know the motorcycle The tracks, get acquainted with the simplest maneuvers.

As if we were in a driving school lesson, we would have a section dedicated to controlling the bike itself, a section focused on track, overtaking and more. On the other hand, the advanced section will allow us to improve our guide, giving us a few tips on how to do it Manage the bike and rider in the best possible way.

After this introduction, which will not be mandatory, we will be tossed into the game menu, where we will be able to access different modes and challenges. Specifically we find Quick modes, career and multiplayer.

Previously we would be able to start a file A new round, a new tournament or a simple time trial. the mood multiplayer It will be very similar to the one previously seen in Moto GB 22: It will be possible to challenge our friends through weekends or individual events. We will also be able to challenge opponents from all over the world in The duration of the experiments.

Also in the initial menu we will be able to access tutorials, customization and additional content, which is currently empty. As mentioned at the beginning, Milestone’s house title will make available the official list of drivers, without including, however, the minor categories. in SBK 22 Supersport and Supersport 300 will be missing. Therefore, there is no potential for class growth as we are used to seeing inside MotoGP.

on the start network

Without praise or shame

SBK 22’s central position is definitely a careerthrough which we will assume the role of a A professional racing driver in pursuit of fame. We’ll dive into race, curve after curve, track after track, becoming the best on the track and winning the world champion title.

Of course, during the course of administrative work, we will not only have to think about driving, but we will also have to manage all aspects related to the passenger’s life. Contracts, development and management of technical personnel: Every detail about the Superbike team will be our responsibility. We’ll start with team selection and continue with the rest of the decisions, following the track.

We can choose to join an official team or new teams Which will be established over the course of the seasons. Our personal manager will help us to search for an official team or affiliate team, our goal will be to advance and target the best.

Likewise, by choosing to race for a new team, we will have the opportunity to get a custom livery and live a unique experience. Once the initial decision is made, all we have to do is We surround ourselves with an excellent team And run to victory. It will be our concern to select and manage all technical staff, chief engineer and telemetry operator.

Thanks to specialized mechanics, our bike will be able to make improvements throughout the season, giving us the opportunity to climb the rankings even better. We’re going out to the ring ready for a fight WorldSBK Winter Test We will improve our performance with every lap.

As far as all game modes are concerned, the basic rules of Superbike are followed. The weekend raceTherefore, it will not have certain differences with reality: we will have three spells of free tests who will follow The first race, Tissot Superpole, and finally, race 2.

Pilot customization is no joke

Cycling in SBK 22

Finally, after a rather specific first effect, we’re on the right track in our review of SBK 22. It was also the case with Moto GB 22And the Artificial intelligence inside the address ANNA, already known since 2019. It’s artificial intelligence that makes CPU-dependent pilots aware of what’s going on around them. Unfortunately, in the same way as Cousin, too SBK 22 We don’t have any changes that will make you cry for a miracle. Nothing remarkable, no really noteworthy changes.

Driving is different from MotoGP? Unfortunately, unfortunately we have, We haven’t seen any real change in the leadership model. We have a system, of course, Fits the new DualSense for PlayStation 5but nothing more than that.

Every aspect of the race appears to be identical to a cousin that was launched a few months ago. Braking, bike handling, and trigger resistance: There is a strong sense of simple “copy and paste”.

until the drawing level As for the animation, we didn’t notice it Any step forward. We can’t complain, the overall look is nice and, as usual, the bikes are well maintained, but it remains a step behind the new generation of consoles.

to end, There is also the possibility to manage your own bike By adjusting various parameters, such as aerodynamics, suspension systems, tires, forks, gear ratios or the fuel itself. Choosing the right compound will be very important in order to get a good result in the race.

Team selection

Creativity does not hold back

what or what not lacking SBK 22 It is customization. In the title there is a section dedicated to editors, in which we can give freedom to our creativity: we will be able to modify drivers, helmets and graphics.

There will be a section dedicated to fully customizing a file Casco: We will be able to choose not only the shape, but also the color and app sticker. We will be able to reproduce exactly the color we want, without significant restrictions. In addition to the helmet, we will have the possibility to create fully customized stickers, with more or less complex shapes and bright colors.

As for the pilot, in addition to applying personal numbers and stickers to his devices, we will be able to Also modify his physical appearance. This is not an editor in the style of an RPG: in fact, we will only be able to change its face. You can choose from a selection of five female faces and more than two male faces.

There is no section for changing hair, neither in shape nor in colour. On the other hand, gloves, boots, helmets, soaps, suits, and riding styles are all customizable.

inclined to curves

Did we like this SBK 22?

net of some graphical flaws and some glitches, SBK 22 It’s a nice title to play. There is no shortage of restrictions: a few modes and only one categorybut what is there is well organized.

The real problem? The great resemblance to moto gp22, As mentioned. Unfortunately, in fact, those who have played this title will find themselves faced with a very strong sense of déjà-vu, both in terms of graphics and in terms of gameplay. A real shame, or rather a missed opportunity.

Remember that the game Available from September 15th at €39.99 su PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Steam.