Serie A, Udinese – Inter 3-1: Friulians go crazy

magic Udinese: Sottil’s men continue their run in the tournament with a 2-1 victory overInter On the seventh day of the tournament. Friulians under 5′ free kick for Barilla, but they react and stumble thanks to Skriniar’s goal (22). A one-way recovery with the hosts scoring the winning goal in the 84th minute with Bigol and the trio of Arslan recovering. Udinese is in first place in the standings with 16 points.

the match
go crazy ha Inter Who would have to question the collapse of the Dacia Arena. This is a picture of the lunch match at the Dacia Arena with Sutil’s men who easily turned the Nerazzurri in the second half. The Bianconeri, which represents the real surprise of the tournament, leads the standings with 16 points, awaiting Roma-Atalanta and Milan-Napoli.

The game that started in a completely different way with the Nerazzurri is immediately good at taking the ball and opening the match at 5′ with a gem free kick. stretcherThanks to the lack of shooting Calhanoglu due to injury. Precise right to overturn the septum and under the seven: a perfect path, to see and review. And they are because the Nerazzurri confined themselves to the defense, giving the Friulians minute by minute distance. Almost immediately equalized in the 22nd minute with an own goal ScreenYear On the penalty of Deulofeu. Beto does not disagree with Dzeko, confirmation also comes from Var, the Slovenian unlucky to send the ball into his goal. This is an omen.

In the 30′ episode scheduled for discussion. introverted He overturns his tactical doctrine and replaces the yellow cards with Bastoni and Mkhitaryan for Dimarko and Galliardini. The defender who, a few moments before sitting on the bench, his face darkened, touches Eurgul with a shot that Silvestri deflects over the crossbar. The Armenian exit, Calhanoglu’s natural alternative, is the move that brings the midfield to Udinese.

In the second half is a monologue with the hosts Thin To be a master, he is very good at making changes. Things that never happened again for Simon Inzaghi who eventually replaced de Vrij for the good Acerbi player. And it is the Dutchman, a few minutes after entering the stadium, who lost Begol with a corner kick and the ball fell into the net. In the chair Deulofeu who is in full recovery also provides assistance for the journey of the Arslan Angel. Three goals were in the hands of the former Spaniard Milan. Udinese celebrates, Inter collapses.

report cards
6 . sticks His match lasts only thirty minutes because of a yellow card. Inzaghi called him back off the bench so he wouldn’t risk staying at 10 and he, rightly so, isn’t taking it well. A few moments before the exit he touches Eurogol but does not make his coach change his mind.

Mkhitaryan 5 – He does not have time to be his first player in the league in the Nerazzurri shirt. For motives see above.

Deulofeu 7.5.1 Update He always succeeds in leaping over the man and creating numerical superiority. He’s the most talented of Friulian men and it shows: the only one who stopped him was the Pole. He does not score, so he gives his teammates assists and puts his hand on Skriniar’s goal. With Sottil he took another step forward.

Silvestri 7 – Super reflexes in shooting Batoni’s shot on the crossbar. Enough and vote.

Lautaro Martinez 4.5.5 – In Dacia Arena it simply cannot be seen. Never a conclusion, never a noteworthy idea. Svirgola also the ball possible 2-2. He hasn’t scored in five games: without Lukaku he’s also dead. Involved, urgent treatment.

Brozovic 5 – It’s not the usual Brozovic. He misses a lot of steps and concludes that he doesn’t miss the yellow card that will make him miss the match against Roma because he was warned.

Handanovic 6 – He answers Silvestri with another great review. He reaches Lovrich and takes the ball from the bottom corner. Don’t blame the goals.

Udinese (3-5-2)
: sylvestri 7 ; Perez 6, Picao 6.5, Bigol 6.5; Pereyra 5.5 (23′ st Ehizubue 6), Lovric 6.5 (34′ st Arslan 6.5), Wallace 6, Makengo 6 (16′ st Samardzic 6), Udogie 6 (34′ st Ebosse); Deulofeu 7.5, Peto 5.5 (23 success 6). dis.: Padelli, Piano, Ebose, Jajalo, Abankwah, Nuytinck, Nestorovsky, Guessand, Pafundi. everybody.: Thin 6.5.
Inter (3-5-2): Handanovic 6.5; Skriniar 5, Acerbi 6 (34′ st De Vrij 5), Sticks 6 (30′ Dimarco 6); Dumfries 6, Barilla 7, Brozovic 5, Mkhitaryan 5 (30′ Galliardini 5.5), Darmian 5.5 (22′ St. Dambrosio); Dzeko 6 (22 Korea St.) Lautaro Martinez 4.5. dis.Cordaz, Onana, Gossens, Bellanova, Aslani, Carbone, Zanotti. everybody.: S. Inzaghi 5.
Rule: Valerie
Signs: 5′ Barella (I), 22′ by Skriniar (I), 40′ st Bijol (U), 45′ + 2 st Arslan (6.5)
ammoniteBastoni, Mkhitaryan, Darmian, Brozovic (first), Pereira, Bekao, Odoji (U)

Udinese equaled its best start in Serie A: 16 points in the first seven matches played as in 2000/01.
Udinese has won all of its last five Serie A matches: this has not happened with the Friulian since December 2017, under the technical guidance of Massimo Odo.
The last time Inter scored three consecutive knockouts away from home in Serie A was in May 2017, with Stefano Pioli on the bench.
This is the fourth time in the three-point era for every win Inter have lost in at least three of the first seven Serie A matches: 1998/99, 2000/2001 and the previous 2011/2012 (Inter did not. He finished in the top four of the classification at the end of the tournament in the three seasons indicated).
Udinese is the team that scored the most goals in the last quarter-hour of a first-division match (six); Overall, 7 of the last 8 Friulian goals in Serie A have reached in the last 20 minutes.
Two of the four youngest defenders have scored at least one goal in this play in the first division of Udinese: Odoji (2002) and Begol (1999).
Inter have not scored from a direct free kick in Serie A in more than a year (371 days). The last goal was Federico Dimarco’s goal on September 12, 2021 against Sampdoria.
Nicolo Parilla had already scored a direct free kick goal in Serie A: on 2 September 2018 against Atalanta away from home in a Cagliari shirt.
This is Barilla’s fastest goal in Serie A (5′): The Nerazzurri midfielder has contributed four goals (two goals and two assists) in his last four matches in the competition.
Udinese has not conceded a direct free kick in Serie A since May 23, 2021 against Inter Milan (Eriksen in this case).
From 2017/18 to today (since playing for Inter) no player has scored more goals than Milan Skriniar himself in Serie A (four, as Francesco Vicari).
Inter had not made two changes in the first 31 minutes of play in the first division since March 7, 2009 (Genoa-Inter 0-2, in this case Cordoba and Muntari for Materazzi and Burdisso).
Inter have conceded goals in all of their last eight away games in Serie A, having had six clean sheets in their previous eight.
Marcelo Brozovic is the first player in this league to receive five yellow cards.
The third tree that Gerard Deulofeu has hit in this league: No player counts more in the First Division.
Gerard Deulofeu has already equaled his nursing record in the entire Serie A championship (5): for the first time in a Serie A match, the Spaniard provided two assists in the same match.