Silverstone 2023, ticket chaos: Online sales halted – Formula 1

These days are not easy for some historical episodes in Formula 1, as they have been tested by difficulties and organizational problems which certainly do not help to give a good picture in light of future contract negotiations that will be taken up with the top managers in the circus. In recent days, after the Italian Grand Prix, it wasThe Monza race track ends in the crosshairs of the crowd For several shortcomings that affected spectators who flocked to Brianza for three days of activity on the track. This time, however, it was a circle Silverstonein the “common disease” which, however, certainly does not bring “joy” to anyone, at least in F1.

The sale of tickets for the 2023 edition online has undermined the track that held the historic first F1 GP in history. Many have competed with the British Grand Prix organizers because ticket prices have increased dramatically, especially in a period of a certain economic crisis like the current one. As mentioned by some fans Even the ticket prices went up while they tried to pay, due to the increased demand for jobs. This mess comes a few weeks after the English department itself admitted that the costs would be “Increase on demand“.

To try to put a mark on what was happening online, the Silverstone circuit first published an apology letter describing the traffic “Unprecedented on the site“As a cause of frequent problems experienced by users. About three hours later, after acknowledging that the situation appears to be getting worse rather than improving, an official statement was released in which Ticket sales suspended.

“We have decided to suspend the sale of tickets for the Formula 1 British Grand Prix 2023, as we are aware that many fans have had problems securing tickets. Due to ongoing difficulties with our ticket provider, Secutix – Reads the official memorandum issued by the department – We think the right thing to do is to temporarily suspend sales and freeze all ticket prices until [i problemi] will not solve. We plan to reopen the sale at 11.30 tomorrow [oggi, n.d.r.] We assure you that we still have a good availability of all types of tickets. We invite you to follow our social channels and monitor your emails for the schedules in a more updated way. Once again, we sincerely apologize for the frustrating experience many of you have had today and thank you for your support at this time.“.

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