Singapore GP 2022: Preview and weekend times

After a long hiatus, Formula 1 will return to action later this month. From September 30 to October 2, there will be a weekend in Singapore where Max Verstappen could indeed be crowned world champion. In fact, it would “be enough” for him to win the race unless his direct competitor (Charles Leclerc, Sergio Perez, George Russell) is better than ninth, fifth and second. As far as Carlos Sainz is concerned, any hiring is indifferent.

Singapore F1 GP time

Friday 09/30

– Free training 1: 6 pm – 7 pm
– Free Workout 2: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Saturday 1/10

– Free workout 3: 6pm – 7pm
– Qualifications from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Sunday 2/10

Race: 20:00 to 22:00

We remind you that you can also follow the entire motorsport weekend on our F1GrandPrix website with live and real updates!


Noun: Marina Bay Street Circuit

place: Singapore

Building: The city of Singapore was honored to host the first-ever night race of the championship in 2008 Formula 1. Five-year contract to be able to host the Grand Prix of Formula 1 It was signed in 2007 by Bernie Ecclestone, a Singaporean business magnate, and the Asian city-state’s tourism department. The road was created by joining some of the city streets of Singapore. The design of the path is thanks to the architect Hermann Tilke and the path passes through the streets near the port. During these few years the track has undergone many small changes as a result of the many pointers and complaints that riders have reported after every GP. The most significant change was made in 2013, with the removal of chicane 10, the so-called Singapore Sling, and replaced with a simple left one. Another important change was the replacement of dangerous barriers at the exit of many curves; Often it can cause spinning. This event has always been highly appreciated by all fans Formula 1including Europeans (thanks to the very useful time it is broadcast in Europe) and the race has become a kind of Asian Monte Carlo: a weekend of luxury and glamor, a circuit with the curves of many models instead of 11 pm on Marina Bay.

Lap distance: 5,065 km

number of curves: 23, thirteen on the left and ten on the right

Travel direction: counter clockwise

Technical information:

Aerodynamic load: Basu Average Alto
open gas: 45% of the turn
Fuel consumption per lap: 1,64 kg / gyro
full speed: 300 km/h
The possibility of a safe car: 100%
Travel time in pit lane with stopover: 28 seconds
Overtaking possibility: easy Average Difficult
First place winners: 7 out of 10 editions on this track
Worst starting position for the winner: XV (Alonso 2008)

Road features: This race is reputed to be one of the hardest races from a physical point of view for drivers, due to the high temperatures and humidity that are always present in this city. Furthermore, due to the low average hour that is recorded on this track, each year the race always touches two hours of duration. The gearbox was tightly pressed, with eighty-seven changes per lap and a whopping 4,575 changes over the course of the entire race. The gears most commonly used are 3rd and 6th. The average time is about 167 km / h.


circuit class: light Average Difficult
braking number: 13
Braking time: 24% of the turn
Energy dissipation during braking during the Grand Prix: 143 kWh
Total brake pedal load during GP: 81.435 kg
Most demanding braking: The fourth is separated, at turn 7

And the

These are the groups selected by the drivers for the Singapore Grand Prix

DRS area: On the main straight line, between curve 23 and curve 1 with the detection point before curve 22; respectively between turns 5 and 7 with the detection point immediately after turn 4.


Prova Giro: 1: 36.015 – Hamilton – Mercedes – 2018
Jiro Jara: 1: 41.905 – K. Magnussen – Haas – 2018
Distance: 1h55: 48.950 – N Rosberg – Mercedes – 2016
Pilot wins: 5 – S Vettel
Team wins: 4 – Mercedes
Steering column: 4 – S Vettel
Pole Team: 5 – Ferrari, Mercedes
Best practice laps: 2 – F Alonso, L Hamilton, D Ricciardo, K Magnussen
Team best laps: 3 – Red Bull
Platform passenger: 8 – S Vettel
Body Team: 13 – Red Bull

golden dawn

  1. 2008 F Alonso – Renault
  2. 2009 L Hamilton – McLaren Mercedes
  3. 2010 F Alonso Ferrari
  4. 2011 S Vettel – Red Bull Renault
  5. 2012 S Vettel – Red Bull Renault
  6. 2013 S Vettel – Red Bull Renault
  7. 2014 L Hamilton – Mercedes
  8. 2015 S Vettel – Ferrari
  9. 2016 N Rosberg – Mercedes
  10. 2017 L Hamilton – Mercedes
  11. 2018 L Hamilton – Mercedes
  12. 2019 S Vettel – Ferrari has been selected by the new Google News Service,
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