Spalletti Explodes on TV, Bottle of 70 Million, 2 Picassos by Zielinski and the Torn Ticket for Formentera

Naples asphalt Glasgow: Politano points, Ndombele and Raspadori. A great collective experience, the first team in the Champions League group

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From zero to meaningless and outdated decision who violated and usurped the rights and dreams of those who had long planned the trip to Scotland. In sports, which should be a moment of inclusion and sharing, the losers are always those who are fueled by their passion, and their money, the whirlpool that spoiled and short-sighted managers ride. The only dissonant note on a party night like the one in Ibrox.

Face to face with Kim Min Jae: Acupuncture session. It gets under your skin, drugging a normally possessed person like Morelos who loses his head completely and risks being fired. There wasn’t much disparity in John Popeye’s confrontation with a child in Three Men and a Leg. At the end of the match, he left the stadium shouting in Korean: “But go, come, but who am I?” This is: “But go, but come, but who am I!”.

I took two penalties, very badly, but Picasso too would have hit some fouls in his career.. yes because night Zelensky She is the genius of the ball, the indomitable aggressor of pettiness and trash in football whose tactics and schemes are getting crushed more and more. As he advanced, he smashed the Scottish chessboard, combining strength and the ability to read every situation that occurs at supersonic speed. Travel on a shuttle and see the world in slow motion like flies seeing the world at a different speed. The start of the season as an absolute phenomenon.

three networks And a handful of dust left over from Glasgow at the end of the Naples cure, Da Gohan’s cell disintegrates in Dragon Ball Z. In the first two European nights, the freshness of the new project poured into the Champions League like a bucket of cold water: unexpected and renewed. what do you think about lobotka, to the brutal race he did, and he’s not even among the best in the business. crazy.

Four for Liverpool and a snare around the corner. ‘Usual’ Naples, how many times has he fallen in the past? But this is a renewed team, which seems to have left the chronic vices of the old cycle, relying on the apparent subconscious of footballers with a great hunger, a desire to conquer and the knowledge that can make the difference, As an Italian student searching for the hardest words of our language on GoogleBiology, bromology, caccidia, calidus, dokimastic, entomology, eutopia, valedictorian history, phlebotomist, levophobia, epiconium, euptica, eugenics. Growth comes only from curiosity. And the past, if it doesn’t teach you anything, is a great missed opportunity.

Five fingers spread in front of the faceLike seeing the stars again after dark nights. Merritt Not saving, slapping Arfield’s shot: The business has never been more allegorical after the summer the Blue Ranger had. Alex’s Nuovo Cinema’s Nuovo Cinema Paradiso consists of less talk about his name and more facts. “Sooner or later there will come a time when speech or silence will be the same. It is better to remain silent.”

Six and a half to Ndombele, 70 million bottles of whiskey that Naples put into its ‘age’ In these first weeks of acclimatization. The origin is that the midfielder is able to make the difference, and the sound of the ball touching the foot of the Frenchman is the sound of the violin: it is exciting. He’s clear about the goal, and he’s finally comfortable in his best position on the pitch. Every week it will be better, stronger and stronger. “And that’s fine, you too, don’t take the whistles for the flasks, just that’s a male whistle without scraping.” It is na mandracata.

Seven in Kvaratskhelia for a football fan is like candy for a child: never enough. You want the ball always to reach his side, between his feet, with that Georgian magician walking around the field with his hat in his hands and the hare always ready to dazzle. Overkill, yes, but who cares. Because then he takes the ball, jumps three times and still has the strength in his legs to shoot into the penalty area before being dropped as an unidentified flying object. With him we are all like Buffa’s children: we always do “oh”.

Otto to Raspadori, who closes the business that is a gem. Two heavy goals in four days, the quality of the 2000 class still to be explored, which someone was already competing for without buying a ticket to the show. Jack in the Strait is a show, who has winning conclusions and the ability to find him in the right place at the right time and this is the prerogative of those who are always in time with their destiny. And some qualities like Don Apondio’s bravery: you either have it or you don’t. Talent abounds in Jack.

Nine to LucianoneAnd the who – which Getting angry on TV again With those who necessarily want to reduce last year’s third place. Did Ancelotti win the Scudetto with this team? Spalletti, who would like to enjoy his new creature instead, replies. So renewed, so distorted, that all. Comparison with last year is useless more than just one ski. Vertical and bodily: It was the summer obsession and the way seemed to be the right way and philosophy seemed to have taken root fully in the new disciples. They thought they buried us. But they didn’t know we were seeds.”

Ten to Politano, from Formentera to Ibrox without going through the street. A controversial hot summer, with menacing props and lackluster confidence, officially ends on Glasgow night. He takes punches in the face, curses himself on the cover stage, he is greedy in response to Zelensky’s sternness: we had to immediately understand that it was his night. For a new beginning, for a new chapter, for a story that rejects the word ‘end’. In a wonderful harmony of opposites, a new road emerges from what seemed to be a dead end. Come Matteo: this is Napoli that needs your shots and that hungry desire to win again.

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