Spark was called 4-2-3-1. Finally IKONÈ, the fourth in a deluxe version. Al-Baraji’s mistakes after criticism

Terraciano – He resumes his place, and not only because of Golini’s injury. In the first half he didn’t have to make noteworthy interventions, he risks opening the door to lasagna that happily hits Henry. The next rally at Calonne has the flavor of St. Peter’s Miracle. 7

Come – For his part, there is not much sweating from a defensive point of view and in the first break he can even go to the score twice: the first time he makes a foul from a good position, in the second he kicks from the outside and finds another response from Montepo. In the second half, Lazovic attends and begins to suffer, Fortunately Verona looks anything but the day and is on par with the rest of his teammates in defence. 6

the fourth – Come back, okay. After a layoff due to injury at the conference, he’s back on the field with a deluxe edition with several “Argentinean” runs and at a pace decidedly safer than the first seasonal editions. Playing one of the best matches since he was in Florence, taking on the responsibility of leading a defense at great difficulty. found again. 7.5

Ranieri – It’s clear to everyone that the middle in the back four isn’t exactly bread to his teeth but he’s fighting his best with some smudges that lead to shivers down the back of the 30K in Franchi. In the end he deserves the pass given the clean sheet. 6

the brazier During the week, he was asked for more, and it cannot be said that there was no commitment. The problem is that he missed his third penalty out of five, a foul that does not allow Fiorentina to close the first half with a double advantage. For the rest of the game without major shakes or worries but this bug has no cure. 5.5

the cognition – Besides Amrabat, he plays more freely and this shows. Oscar’s football performance is not, but still more useful to the team. Play vertically, try to kick, and pack passes. Too bad for the stupid yellow he takes in the first half. When he leaves the field, Amrabat has to take the reins of the game and instead hide and touch balls less than the first break. Earn more half a vote for swiping with the help of Nico. 6.5

I loved her – Where do you put it. Prior to today’s injury, perhaps the fittest player on the team and alongside Mandragora was playing more calmly. Bad luck also falls on him, as he is forced to leave the field prematurely. Finger cross is a must because losing it would be a huge disservice to the Italians. 6.5

D 50′ Bonaventure – Italiano’s tactical plan jumps due to Amrabat’s injury and enters in an attempt to hide it as much as possible. Dribbling is of the usual quality even if Verona is better physically and is often placed in the middle. He falls in the area and asks for a penalty kick without getting it. 6

Barak Moving a few meters from the midfield, he gives the feeling that he is the missing man from the Fiorentina attack. He holds the ball, spieza, it goes vertical. It turns out to be more present than when the mezzala was posted even if in the long run it’s very imprecise in the aisles for its quality. 6.5

D 79′ Duncan – The vertical ball that goes off in the Mandragora area to mark the doubling is a picture How much has he lost in the last month? 7

icon Finally, Jonathan! The first half with Verona is incomplete only because he failed to score a double, but in the end we see the “defensive” player who makes the difference. The goal is good workmanship and he focuses, the guy jumps and then presses the shot where Montebo can’t reach it. In the second half, he disappeared from the game because Fiorentina were falling back, but today’s approach is still one of the happiest notes at the start of the season. 7

D 66′ saponara – Enter to keep the ball and give the team a breath in moments of suffering, but It is a task in which he practically failed. 5.5

heaps – The start of the formation instead of the “normal” strikers showed that a little movement is already enough to bring this team to life. He got into all of Viola’s offensive action and won a penalty kick after 1-2 with Barak. T.He takes dozens of balls, which is not usually the case for tips that have rotated so far. A solution that risks becoming something more than a simple alternative. 7

D 79′ CabralIt makes you regret Kwame’s liveliness, and that’s saying something since he’s played just over 10 minutes. SV

slim – For his part, the Verona defenders go home with a headache. The purple winger is constantly channeling them, creating a lot of scoring for his teammates. We see that it is not at most in relation to the distance but between its existence and its non-existence there is all the difference in the case. 6.5

D 66′ Nico Gonzalez – Far from being the best light-years-old looks like it can’t even accelerate. Then he cuts the whole area to put 2-0 which carries the flavor of the layoff he deserves. 6.5

Italian – Altered attack by hitting both Jovic and Cabral for Kwame from 1′ while in midfield he engaged Mandragora and Amrabat together as first-time owners, firing an unprecedented 4-2-3-1. Many changes in the search for the famous spark. And how he found that thanks to one of the players most criticized at the start of the season, Ikone and with him Nico who has lost a lot so far. The physical condition is still not good and you can see in the second half when Hellas is close to a tie, but the team made the team and encouraged their teeth together, certainly also thanks to the coach. He showed his humility to change his beliefs and the three points proved him right. The station will allow him to study these new solutions. 7