The Candreva Affair, Technological and Human Errors. tiotino comment

The Candreva Affair: The ambiguous and belated statement from The Hague adds to the matter on the pitch. The need to understand how and why the arbitration and recourse method is changing to VAR this year An unacceptable error of course. Especially since it wasn’t just human error. There is technology involved, which we have … Read more

Juventus Salernitana and VAR photos, disturbing background appear

That ugly mess Juventus Salernitana It constitutes a “before” and “after”, in the recent history of VAR in the first division, that none of the players will be able to overlook, starting with clubs and referees. Unavailability of pictures, when the cameras will show how much and where they were Candreva And whether he continued … Read more

VAR also has a (very high) price: Juventus lose two points to the Scudetto

Costs should be cut: some Serie A matches are filmed with 18 cameras, others with 16 cameras, and the least important with 12. Thus, the league saves from 10 to 20 thousand euros per match. Var also comes at a price. And for our poor football, it is too high to be paid anytime, every … Read more

Juventus Salernitana, because the VAR did not see Candreva but he slipped on goal

A reconstruction of what happened in the final minutes of the Juventus-Salernitana match immediately after Milek’s 3-2 goal, which was initially checked and then canceled by the referee after a field review, highlights a gap that appeared in the VAR room in Lissone. This is not Var’s first serious mistake, but the first time – … Read more