MotoGP, Ducati’s records after the Japanese Grand Prix in Motegi won by Miller

All team records were beaten or equalized by Borgo Panigale at Motegi, with Miller taking Ducati’s 11th win in 2022 (same score as in 2007). Absolute record (26) for platforms Japan GP: Highlights – report cards Jack Miller conqueredEleventh win of the season for Ducatigoing to equal to 2007While On the podium, it’s a new … Read more

MotoGP Aragon 2022: Bastianini win against Bagnaya. Quartararo and Nakagami have two bad collisions with Marquez

The first surprise is still with a red light: A. Espargaro, one of the three to play the world championship, at the end of the warm-up lap returns to the pits to change bikes: Electronic problem taking power away from Aprilia RS-GP. Meanwhile, the Grand Prix convoy starts like a rocket at the start of … Read more

MotoGP, Japanese GP. Miller: I lost to Tsuda, but the lap is still good

Miller signs the best lap of free practice on Friday at Motegi, which was done on a partially wet track, a very favorable condition for the Australian driving style. The Ducati rider is the fastest although Takuya Tsuda (Wild Card Suzuki) held him back: “On that lap I was able to improve my experience a … Read more

“Reducing aerodynamics would be a big mistake.”

Aprilia is one of the manufacturers that believes in and invests in aerodynamics. front wing of RS-GP, if “F1 style“It is the only one of its kind in the world championship And in the past few races, an unprecedented torpedo-shaped chassis has appeared. Romano Albisiano, Aprilia’s technical director, does not want this development to be … Read more

MotoGP Aragon, Bastianini and Ducati Factory: There will be a healthy competition with Bagnaya

Aeneas… why? We asked your father, Emilio, do you know why they called you that? “Actually, I don’t know the story very well…” Then we tell you: They called you Enea to honor a car salesman in your country. “Excellent choice, I really like my name.” Do you know what your mother wants to call … Read more

Dovizioso filed with MotoGP. Let’s relive his career

“Unfortunately in recent years MotoGP has changed profoundly. Since then the situation has been very different: I’ve never felt so comfortable with a bikeI have not been able to make the most of its potential despite the invaluable and continuous help from the team and all of Yamaha’s members. The results were negative, but after … Read more

MotoGp, Suzuki is looking for a Mir replacement for the San Marino GP

At Misano, Suzuki will have to dispense with the Spaniard, who fractured his right ankle due to a fall in Austria. Ko test driver Giuntoli, Petrucci’s idea faded, and Axel Bassani kept racing Ankle fracture for Mir: Misano’s jump It’s definitely not a lucky time for suzuki and joan mir. The Japanese team, which has … Read more

Beyond its (brutal) growth – Libero Quotidiano

Leonardo Yanacci 05 September 2022 A redhead is flying and carrying new hopes for the world championship when Ferrari in Holland on Sunday meets the other monsters of its unfortunate year. The Rosa we are talking about has only two wheels and it is the Ducati Bagnaia, the new centaur destined to enter definitively the … Read more

Motogp: Ducati Party in Misano, Bagnaia reopens the World Championship standings for access and ranking – Moto

Ducati today that will win in Misano. At the Grand Prix of San Marino and Rimini Rivera, the two-wheeled red puts on a show with the flawless Francesco Bagnaia, able to take the lead after the first turns and dominate the finish line to strike a historic poker game of consecutive victories; But also with … Read more