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From Marina Belotti

Alessandro Costacurta takes the chair to a football managers lesson. Atalanta, an international team, will return to Europe to stay there permanently.

“Atalanta will not only return to Europe, but they will do everything they can to stay there permanently.” And if he said that Alessandro Costacurta, who with Milan won 7 league titles and 5 champions to be believed. One of the pillars of the Rossoneri’s golden years (1987-2007) behind the lines, Costacurta also works very well behind the chair, where, in an interview with Sky journalist Giovanni Bruno, Wednesday 21 September Taught Managers and Entrepreneurs On the topic “Sport and Vision: The most beautiful medals are the unseen”, by the Higher Administrative Training Center, in collaboration with Ascom and Manageritalia Lombardia.

“Passion drives everything. First you have to find it, then you have to pass it on to the little things in everyday life that make you feel good,” reveals Billy, nicknamed the basketball team (now Olympia Milan) by his first coach for his ability in baskets rather than in dribbling, as a good old kid Thirteen years from Varese. “The secret is to change the balance by engaging the least motivated group and helping the hungriest people.” And one of the best working groups that Bergamo businessmen can draw from is Atalanta: “A team in every sense of the word, supported by a serious club and from fans who realize that they are part of an important reality, they are hospitable and respectful, of international standing.

Although Europe will not pass through Bergamo this year, the date has only been postponed: “Last season I was convinced that he would win the championship, this year I no longer say that, but the strange thing is that he is not in Europe. The company has made an incredible leap forward in recent years and Will definitely return to Europe in 2023: It’s his environment and he proves it. Atalanta is one of those who should be able to stay there permanently.”

And he, who appointed Ancelotti, Capello and Sacchi as teachers, recognizes Gasperini’s merit and philosophy of playing: «Today gasparin is a methodology

Recognized all over EuropeHis mark and his way of playing changed Atalanta, a team that is impossible not to love what appears on and off the field, far from the one they faced.”

His clearest memories of away matches under Wales relate to a match he did not participate in: “It was a Coppa Italia match, at noon on Wednesday, the coach kept 4 or 5 of us at rest, but That match went down in history because of a scandal. Stromberg set the ball to allow Bourgonovo save, but unsportsmanlike Milan in the throw-in did not return the ball to Atalanta, Rijkaard passed it to Massaro who threw it in the area only to Bourgonovo who won the penalty that Baresi turned in her favour. passing the role. I remember the really angry stadium».

It was January 24, 1990, the time players were in their trattoria after the games, without getting lost in cell phones or social networks (“I don’t like them”), when he didn’t have nightmares. Maradona (“he played an extra”), but for the Brazilian Ronaldo: “He enjoyed playing games that mock defenders without wanting to. On the other hand, Van Basten was the most complete, at the age of 21 he did what he did even with a messy ankle».

And who is Ace Gasperini in the hole today? “Ederson: It combines quality, tactical intelligence and efficiency that few have, but even Hojlund can inspire. Let’s hope he’s young and I don’t know him much but he seems to have what it takes.” Toto Scudetto? “It’s an offbeat tournament with a world break, England is the favorite in Qatar where you can’t breathe football. Today, Napoli and City are in the best condition, but who knows in a month, Spalletti and Pioli motivate their players well.”

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