“That’s what Spalletti told me. About Napoli, the stadium, the fans…”

Naples transfer marketSummer star SSC Naples, Kvicha Kvaratskhelia interviewed by Geo Team, Setanta Sports, for a special here in town at Lazio-Napoli and Liverpool-Napoli week. Here is what was highlighted CalcioNapoli24.it

Kvaratskhelia Interviews with the Setanta Sports Geographical Team

Kvratskhelia Team Setanta Sports Geo . interview

How has your life changed with landing here in Italy?

“A lot has changed. Serie A is one of the best leagues in the world. I’m coping very well. The players have welcomed me very well. There is a great atmosphere inside the group. The people here are great. C” However, there is a lot to work on” .

In the first few days, what was the hardest thing you faced?

“The first day is usually difficult for all the players, because you get to another environment, you meet new people that you do not know. The first day was a little difficult, but they welcomed me very warmly as well as the coaching staff and everyone. Those who work in the team. Here you learn from everyone , inside and outside the stadium. What interests me the most is the stadium and the fans. It’s a beautiful stadium, with the fans who make it even more beautiful. 90 minutes singing and singing and they don’t stop. If you go into town and ask women or 70-80s about football, They know everything.”

What is the most important thing Mr. Spalletti has told you?

“He told me that I have good dribbling and that I play well in 1 vs 1, but that I should play more for the team, because there are strong players and it is right that he puts me at the service of the team. He made it clear to me that I have to help. In addition to the defending team. I do all What coaches tell me.

Who was the first player on the team you contacted?

“When I went to Castel di Sangro, not all the players had arrived yet, the first contact was with Mario Rui who welcomed me very well. Not everyone spoke English and Mario explained everything to me: how to do it in training and outside.”

Tell us about the legend Tommaso Staras, your warehouse worker…

“I knew him famous before I came here. When I arrived I was surprised, because he is a very nice and positive person. When he enters the locker room, he always holds coffee in his hand and gives it to all the players. I am not a fan of coffee. But you cannot accept it. I repeat, he is a person Very positive and a legend in this team.”

You don’t know Italian, did you initially have problems communicating?

“There are always players on the team who are ready to translate me when they speak to me in Italian. However, I am already learning the language. I have an excellent Georgian teacher who teaches me Italian. Even if I have a little time, I always try to find free moments for you to learn.”

How many hours and how often do you train per day?

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve been training more. I spent a lot of time stretching after training. I always thought I spent a lot of time training, but when I got here I saw things from a different perspective. When I play in a team of this level, you have to You do more, it’s clearly within limits. In the morning I get up at 07:30, I go to training an hour and a half earlier, I have breakfast and then I start preparing for my workout.”

When you score a goal and the next day you find yourself here in the training center, what happens?

“Nothing in particular. We continue to prepare for the next match and I think this is very professional. Because what was in the past should remain in the past and today you have to focus on doing better tomorrow. There are more difficult matches on the horizon, the championship every day becomes more and more interesting. After The match we are all preparing for the next match. The match against Lazio was very important for us, they are direct competitors and we are very happy with the win, even if we are already thinking about the next match against Liverpool.”

Many people already love you in Naples: why? for your style of play?

“Maybe yes, maybe also because I always give 100% on the field