The Bianconeri remained at the bottom at 0 points

Milik deceives after 4 ‘And Joao Mario and Neres turn the match and Engoyano Allegri

The Juventus Collapses 2-1 on the field against Benfica and finally remains at 0 in the H group of Champions Leaguewith Maccabi Haifa. The Bianconeri opens it after 4′ only with a great header owned byBut they gradually disappear from the field and join them first strictness Joao Mario (44′), then crossed by the paw Neres At the start of recovery (55 min). Qualifying for the second round is now too complicated for Allegri’s men.

the match

Another misstep, another heavy knockout that turns Juventus’ European journey into one steep climb. for more This is the first time in the history of the Champions League that a lady has lost her first two group matches. Again The Bianconeri game lasts just over a quarter of an hour: A great start, a goal at first, then practically nothing. the stage you take Benfica is tall and very indecisivebut after that Able to raise opponent’s difficulties. Allegri . team confirmed very fragilementally and physically. Arrive in the last quarter of the race Practically on the legs and with the solo Mariacame back from injury, able to invent something in Offensive maneuver ruin. The start of the season, without injuries, is nothing short of shocking: now there is Monza, then pause to rearrange thoughts. But A very sudden transformation is urgently needed.

As so often in this first month of football, the team starts on the right foot and after 4 minutes is already ahead: Paredes’ free shot from the front line stands out. owned bywho expects everyone and puts Flashodemus in the far position by one Exceptional Deadlift. The Bianconeri kept his foot on the accelerator and in the 10th minute touched 2-0, but her left costic I deviated enough from bah to exit at the edge of the shaft. The Lucitanian reaction was not particularly violent and the pace of the match was still rather low, but at 27 minutes the first fear arrived on the field, with Ramos Whoever takes advantage of a poorly positioned Bonucci to head a header from an excellent position, but the conclusion is central and Perrin confidently controls. Schmidt’s men’s pressure begins to grow, the black and white ball piles up and the Allegri boys struggle to gain metres. At 40′ Perin has to thank Baluwhich keeps it right around it Rafa Silvabut soon after the cold shower comes: naive Merity commits a penalty foul on Ramos, the referee awards the penalty kick after checking on the screen e Joao Mario turns out to be arrogantthen get a file Yellow for useless polemic pride.

At the beginning of recovery still owned by To dazzle the first tear, but Flashodemus is keen on the strong left deflection of the electrode. But at the first opportunity, From Benfica to hit. Juventus’ defense collapses on a central breach, and Perin places a correction on the first conclusion, but he can’t do anything about it. Neres win. The Bianconeri players are in the ball and can’t reply, the guests play on velvet and sometimes They are almost joking against a practically paralyzed opponent. Benfica have come close to scoring on at least three other occasions and Allegri is trying to destabilize his team by introducing by Maria and Ken. The blue appears flashing as soon as he enters and hits the post to the left of Flashodemus, then at the 83rd minute Vlahovic finds equalitybut the goal is conceded Canceled by De Sciglio for offsideHelp author. Desperate for the final attack is Bremer To get the most exciting chance of a draw, with a brilliant invention by Di Maria, but after controlling the ball Throw high a stone’s throw from the net.

report cards

6.5 . owned – He scored a great goal, touched another at the start of the second half and overall played an excellent game, connecting the match and being practically the only one really dangerous.
Merity 5 – Too naive in the penalty kick, he also risks getting a second yellow in a useless stop in midfield and, overall, has little effect compared to the other times.
Vlahovic 5 Very nervous, very hasty. Again, no playable balls arrived, but it doesn’t do much to help the team and come up with something.
Bonucci 5 – In the first half, he committed two fatal mistakes that his opponents pardoned, as well as his heavy responsibility for the 1-2 goal. He sacrifices himself in two instances dodging positions 1-3, but it’s not enough to get his evening back on his feet.

Silva 6,5 – In the first inning, he was one of the few who put himself in the spotlight between him and also hitting him in a column. In the second half, he takes advantage of the opponent’s collapse to show off all his qualities and even indulge in some class play.
Neris 7 – He also grew up to explode in the second half, when he scored the decisive goal that pushed Benfica, along with Paris Saint-Germain, to the top of the group.


Juventus – Benfica 1-2
Juventus (3-5-2): about 6.5; Bremer 6, Bonucci 5, Danilo 6; Cuadrado 5.5 (13′ Sant de Sciglio 6), McKinney 5, Paredes 6, Meriti 5 (13′ Sant de Maria 6.5), Costek 6.5 (25′ St Ken 6); Melek 6.5 (25 Fagioli St. 5.5), Vlahovic 5.
Coach: Allegri 4,5
Benfica (4-2-3-1): Vlachodimos 6; Bah 6.5, a. Silva 6.5, Otamendi 6, Grimaldo 6; Florentino 6, Fernandez 6.5 (36′ st Aursnes sv); Neres 7 (36 Chiquinho sv), Joao Mario 6.5 (41 Draxler sv), R. Silva 7 (41 Goncalves sv); Packages 6.5 (36′ sv. Moses St.).
Coach: Schmidt 6,5
Rule: Zuwer
Signs: 4′ Melek (J), 44′ platform. Joao Mario (m), 10′ Saint Neres (m)
ammonite: Bah (m), Meretti (j), Joao Mario (m), Perrin (j), Danilo (j), Paredes (j), Florentino (m)


For the first time in its history, Juventus lost the first two matches of the Champions League group.
Juventus have lost 71% of their matches against Benfica (5 out of 7), which is the highest defeat rate of any squad they have faced at least five times in the major European leagues.
Juventus suffered 19 shots in a home match in the Champions League for the first time since April 10, 2013, against Bayern Munich (19).
Juventus lost three consecutive matches for the second time in its history between the European Cup and the Champions League, the first between May 1968 and September 1972.
Juventus have conceded at least two goals in three consecutive Champions League matches (including the match against Villarreal last March) for the first time since November 2013.
Juventus is the Serie A team that has received the most penalty kicks this season in all competitions (three).
Arkadiusz Milik has scored four goals in four matches against Benfica in the European major leagues (two goals and two assists), more than any other opponent.
– Juventus scored four of the first 11 goals of the season in the first 10 minutes of play (3’45” for Milik).
– Milik (3’45”) is the fastest goal for Juventus since the start of a Champions League match since Vlahovic’s match (only 33 seconds) on February 22 against Villarreal.
Today, Leonardo Bonucci became the third player to touch the threshold of 80 Champions League matches with Juventus, after Gianluigi Buffon (113) and Alessandro Del Piero (89).