The Blues won 2-3 against Trento

For the first time in the second division championship for blue mr LeboeufWho took the field today at 14:00 at the Priamasco Stadium against Trento. After beating Tavagnako 1-2, in the match valid for the first day Italian Women’s Cup Group GThe Napoli women found the three points again today with a final score of 2-3.

Signs: Ferrandi 26′, Nozzi 36′, Pinna 39′ pt, Bielak (T) 12′, Rosa (T) 23′ st

Women of Trento Naples: 11 owners

Trento (4-2-3-1): Valzulgir. Tonelli L., Lenzi (from 33′ st Varrone), Andersson, Ruaben (from 10′ st Settecasi); Koenrath, Fogante; Tonelli A., Tononi (from 10′ st Bielak), Battaglioli; Rosa (from 25′ St. Chimotte). (Lucine, Citicase, Torresani, Gastaldello, Caligari, Bertamini) all.: Spanish

nubbles (4-3-3): kobeti ; Oliva (from 34 st De Sanctis), Di Marino (from 7′ st Di Bari), Nozzi, Dulcic; Sarah Toy (from 6′ st Albertini), Franco, Ferrandi (from 33′ st Strisciuglio); Landa, Gomez, Pina (Tassili, Bota, Pina). everybody.: Leboeuf

Rule: De Stefanis de Udine (Antonini Ndoga)

Notes: I played on the field Priamasco In front of 280 spectators, the terrain is in revisitable conditions. Admiral: Nothing. Recording: 1 ‘pt, 4’ st

2-3 in favor of Napoli: match report

The success is as amazing as it suffered for Napoli female in the season for the first time in the league in Trento. Blue who dominated for a while but turned off the light too early and risked a mockery that didn’t materialize however. without the You hurt Mori and TamboriniMr. LeBeouf suggested his usual business 4-3-3 With the inclusion of Sarah Toei in the midfield, Nozzi in defense and Kobeti between posts.

Trident attack confirmed, For the first time from the beginning to Oliva In the right defensive lane with dulcik who moved to the left. A good start for the blue who kept the ball in the match and At nine ‘They became dangerous with Landaon the air bank expected by the homeowner Gomez. Brava Copetti, however, at 12 ‘in rejecting Alessandra’s conclusion drums.

Copti women of Naples

At 26 ‘the advantage of Napoli with Ferrandi, good at repeating a short bounce by Falzolgier with a long-range shot by Sarah Toy. Trento responded in half an hour with Rosa hitting a high kick from a good position. Step on the accelerator for LeBeouf’s team one last time: Nuzzi scored in a corner kick 2-0 after a cross from Ferrandi And then three minutes later between Take advantage of the defensive bug to shoot down all three of a kind.

At the beginning of the second half, Trento tried to respond side rails (High shot) But Napoli came close to a draw with captain Di Marino. The building has benefited from new baits with Bilak Who found a goal one to three after a Good words from Kobeti about Rosa. Soon, Gomez didn’t hit the big target because she was upset at the time of the shooting and Trento has shortened the gap with Rosa in developing scrum After a free kick from the side. at that point, Napoli tightened the limits and got three very valuable points.