The captain leaves Noemi’s house, Elari responds to the provocation

In this unstoppable separation, consumed between skepticism, intrigue and ever more refined detail, it also happens that the need for that much-demanded discretion is no longer felt. And so on Francesco Totti It appears, in the photos published by Chi magazine this week, with Isabelle and best friend – Emmanuel – He’s leaving the house Noemi BocchiActually, his new partner.

A female character next to him, as confirmed by Al Corriere della Sera The same berries And he was allowed to do it again. Elari Place (who on an evening at the opera allowed herself to admire Eleonora Abagnato)however, surely he will not remain idly by: the presence of the child, Isabellein these photos, represents the breaking of the convention that is for the island presenter the most relevant at this point.

New photos of Totti at Noemi Bocchi .’s house

berriesAccompanied by the youngest daughter of a friend Noemi and Emanuele He leaves his partner’s house for a secondary director but does not avoid the lens of the photographer who shoots him outside his home. Noemi BocchiJust watching the captain of the property exist forever outside the property Rome.

however Elari Apparently he repeated more appreciation and avoidance of the couple’s young children in the house NoemiAn unfulfilled request, apparently.

According to previously leaked rumors, it was a naive story of the child that aroused suspicion in the mother who was going to decide to turn to a private investigator, and then, based on what appeared, she would then decide to confront her. the husband. berriesfor his part, as he reported, in the infamous interview with Being, Who is alleged? Flirting with Elari With the complicity of her friend and the hairdresser Alicia SolidaliIt was discovered through messages.

Source: ANSA

Illustration on Rolex

Of course, this was a story despite the Rolex watches and the grabbing of the Elari bags, but the material does not change.

even according to what Alfonso Signoriniformer co-host of GF Vibe Elari Place, these are gestures dictated by the moment which would have been dictated by the will of the host to take back the gifts he made to her husband in twenty years of joint life. Almost a quarter of a century together, as he repeated All for Alex Nuccetellihis close friend and ready to explain Pupone’s position in the TV salons where she enters.

At the present time and pending a possible meeting between the legal representatives of the parties, Elari Place She chose to remain silent about this one thousand since then chi Posted. The same Alfonso SignoriniThe magazine’s editor-in-chief and presenter GF Vip, in addition to what was emphasized about Ilary, wanted to say:

“I think Noemi Bocchi is looking forward to entering the house, but to another house that, at this point, belongs to her.”


Economic empire to be shared, goodbye to Tutti Place Resort

A step that Elari and his lawyers will not take without pain. her demand to have a house for herself, in the name of her children, and a certain resistance to yield to the requests so far made by Totti’s team of lawyers, to which she has added Anamaria Bernardini Di Pace.

As is now known, the hypothesis of extrajudicial separation which I cherished at first, appears obfuscated by the mutual facts that through newspapers and chosen mediators (lawyers and friends), Elari and Totti They decided to repeat. Agreement is still possible, like the joint statement and the solution that helps preserve what remains of these twenty years: the family.

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