The Champion: Liverpool, Co-Tottenham, Porto, Marseille and Atletico win

A Cameroonian goal in the final scored 2-1 over Ajax. In Lisbon, Tottenham beat Paulinho in the 90th minute and Arthur in the 93rd minute. Brugge (4-0 in Portugal), Bayer Leverkusen (2-0 in Cholo) and Eintracht (1-0 in Marseille) won

Liverpool beat Ajax, and Napoli is satisfied. Conte loses in Lisbon, while Porto crumbles to Brugge’s young talents. The second day of the Champions League group stage begins in the best possible way for Spalletti: thanks to the Reds’ victory (2-1 with goals from Salah, Kudos and Matip in the 89th minute), Di Lorenzo and his teammates take first place in Group A if they beat Rangers. The surprises in Portugal abound: Porto Brugge finished 0-4 and Sporting beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 with two goals in the final through Paulinho and Arthur Gomez. The Germans from Bayer Leverkusen and Eintracht Frankfurt, respectively, also celebrate the victory over Atletico Madrid (2-0) and Olympique de Marseille (0-1).

Sporting Lisboa – Tottenham 2-0

After a weekend without playing to honor the Queen, the English took the field in Lisbon with the focus on the usual Kane, Son and Richarlison. Conte also ranks owners Perisic and Bentancur, and in defense there is the former Atalantino Romero. The first half is balanced: Lloris saves Goncalves, Tottenham do not force play and rely on Richarlison’s flashes. In the recovery period, Sporting came close to supremacy, thanks to a personal action by Edwards who dribbled four opponents, a hat-trick with Trincao and kicks on goal. No, Lloris told him it’s still 0-0 in the first half. At the beginning of the second half, it seems that Tottenham is completely different: Emerson and Perisic appear in the penalty area, and Adan blocks two shots from the Brazilian and one from Kane. Sporting found the courage after 60, crushing the guests but Conte was not fit and tried to turn around with Kulusevsky. This move seems to be going on, but in the end the hosts win. At 90′ Lloris cashes a fine shot from Pedro Borro into a corner, but Paulinho’s winning shot arrives straight from the corner. Spurs went into euphoria, Arthur Gomez entered Sporting, who, a few seconds later, fell on the double. The Brazilian starts from the left, dodges two defenders and beats Lloris in the final 2-0.

Liverpool – Ajax 2-1

Returning from the heavy defeat against Napoli, the Reds challenge Ajax at Anfield. Klopp is resting in Nunez and chooses Jota with Salah and Diaz, and the Dutch suggest a trident made up of Tadic, Kudos and Bergwijn. At 17 ‘Liverpool progressed with Salah: Al-Masry receives the ball in the area from Jota and controls and passes the Dutch goalkeeper. After about ten minutes, Kudos tied the score with a stone that ended with a score of seven. The hosts did not seem to feel the blow, and at the end of the first half they came very close to 2-1: but Pasfer saves everything, keeping his team in the game. After the break, he unleashed the Reds: from Van Dijk to Nunez, passing Elliott, Luis Diaz and Firmino, everyone tries but no one hits the target. The company succeeded only in Matip, in the 89th minute, with a corner kick that Tadic tries to reject at the end. Nothing to do, because goal-line technology winks at Klopp: the ball entered the goal, and Liverpool take three valuable points.

Porto Brugge 0-4

The Belgians, who last week beat Leverkusen, started strong in Porto as well. In the 14th minute, the referee awarded a penalty for a foul by Joao Mario on Gutgla: the Spaniard immediately appeared and found the corner, starting goleada. In the second half, Brugge aims to finish the match. He succeeded in 7′ and reached 3-0: in 47′ Souh slipped between three defenders and beat Diogo Costa, in 52′ he also reached the first goal in the former Champions League Polones Skov Olsen. In the final, Noosa, a 17-year-old Norwegian who entered the field in the 75th minute, also celebrated. His cross shot was unstoppable for Diego Costa.

Bayer Leverkusen – Atletico Madrid 2-0

Schick on one side and Morata on the other: The confrontation between the former Roma and Juventus strikers is a challenge in the match between Bayer and Atlético. At the start of the race, the Germans missed two chances with Andreich. Atletico defend well but are inaccurate in attack: Saul, Felipe and Joao Felix hit the ball on several occasions but do not score the best goal. Colchoneros withstands up to 85′, then bends for Andrich plays. The midfielder signs 1-0 with a shot from the edge and in the 87th minute makes way for a double attack: Frimpong runs to the right and equalizes Diaby on the other side, the Frenchman stabs Grbic at the end 2-0.

Marseille Concord 0-1

Sanchez striker, Gerson and Veritot in the middle, Pau Lopez in goal and under on the bench: Marseille challenge the Europa League champions by focusing on old acquaintances from Ligue 1. She tries to drown with Nino Maravilla and Tavares. In the 43rd minute, Bailey and Ronger collect the ball in a big way: United lose the ball on the edge of the area, and his partner tries to get it back but in fact needs help for baby Lindstrom. The 22-year-old makes no mistake and beats Pau Lopez, giving preference to the Germans. At the beginning of the second half, another shot from Lindstrom hit the crossbar: the doubling goal will be key, Kamada realizes this in the 80th minute, but the referee cancels everything for offside. A minute passed, and the Japanese tried himself again, hitting the shutter that Pau Lopez had raised. Not bad, because in the end Eintracht celebrates anyway.