The return of Luca Trophy, the U-23 elite

Lucca’s cycling history passes through Lucca City Cup Which goes back to the present day by reappearing today After an absence of 14 years. The race, organized by the Lucchese Cycling Federation headed by Angelo Battaglia, will be reserved for the Elite Under 23 class and in this class the interval is longer because the last time the amateurs were on stage was 1983 when the winner was Stefano Casagrande of GS Maltinti Empoli.

very classic luca Its history began with the confirmation of Emilio Gibbonne in 1959 who ran for Afregas Gezzano. Then from ’84 to ’89 there were beginners and students on the stage, and from the early nineties until 2008 it was the role of the juniors. Often times, the Lucchese Cycling Union as well as the organization participated in the race with one of its teams. These are the company heads that have succeeded each other over time: Ezio Menci, Giuseppe Tedeschi, Luigi Barbavera, Bruno Gallotti, Renzo Lippi, Ivano Vannini (Amore & Vita president), Gino Giardini, Antonio Rossetti and Ernesto Bianchi who did not. Until a year ago, Angelo Battaglia took over the reins. Thus, the cycling event, which in the past had a huge impact at the regional level and which has often been of interest to cycling teams looking for new names to be registered, is back.

A race involving a significant investment by UCL and significant involvement of the urban fabric of Lucca which, in addition to hosting, Access to Urban Walls In front of the Caffè delle Mura where the bicycle caravan will depart this morning at 11:30 in an informal way to reach the monument to Giacomo Puccini in Piazza Cittadella and in honor of his memory (the centenary of his death will be in two years, Ed). The race of tradition that from 1959 to 2008 was closely connected with the transformation processes in the city of Lucca.

Many athletes from Luca have established themselves since the first release. In addition to Emilio Giribon to remember the victory of Gianluca Pellegrini with Pedale Lucchese Poli in 1985, Luigi Nutini of GS Caselli di Marlia in 1987, of Fivizzanese Francesco Secchiari who won in 1988 the Lucchese jersey of GS Bini Giurlani Franceschi. For the junior class, Caselli also won in 1992 with Alessandro Bargillini, while in 94 Lucchis Massimo Rugani, nominated for the G.0 group, only reached the finish line. The Vecchianese Rest Hotel triumphed and then in ’98 the Gragnano Ekopack Hotel with Andrea Lovicu. Even in this classic game, as in all others still surviving regionally, Fanini’s name cannot be missing, along with the organizing company. It was 1982 when Pierangelo Morelli of the University of California Vannini Berti Luchese won his first amateur class. Precisely in the early 1980s, when Ivano Vannini was also the president of this cycling club, before he established his professional teams in the history of cycling in Lucca, Unione Ciclistica Lucchese was popular both organizationally and at a team level. This has not always been the case because Ivano’s management skills are unique and recognized both locally and internationally. The dual task of running a team to organize races and having riders to win them is not easy, leaving their mark among amateurs and professionals with a unique history. In the history of UC Lucchese Fanini, there is also another group named UC Fanini Lucchese Newplast: that was the name of the bike company in 1980.

“In the eighties – says the sponsor from Lucca – I did not give much importance to the amateurs although I won everywhere even with them, dedicating the main time to my professional team: I am the only one in the world who has raced with two teams at the same time. Sometimes I You reach the podium with both. However, I remember in the details I made my mark at the company level and surrounded myself with competent technicians: Carlino Bernardini as Technical Director, Attore Giglioli as DS advisors. Luigi Barbavieira, Angelo Bernardini, Bruno Gallotti, Gino Giardini and Piero Pascini have been my secretary for over 30 years” .

Over time, the Fanini name has also been associated with many other Lucca cycling companies. J.S. Borcari, Coppi Lunata, Eucliccese, Monte Carlo, Tuskogas Marginon, Pozzano and others have also benefited from his sponsorship.

Also this morning at Trofeo Città di Lucca, Ivano Fanini presents the sponsorship of the Etruria Sestese Amore e Vita di Firenze team directed by DS Parenti and Scarselli who will play Matteo Cella, Edoardo Coltelli, Francesco Costagli, Andrea De Mei, Alessandro Donati, Roman Aileen and Francesco Olibone, They are all young people with high hopes but no expectations of achieving results in a short time. Among the teams that could try the coup are Carlo Palandri Granano Sporting Club with Bernardo Angiolini, Lorenzo Bosch, Lorenzo Cataldo, Federico Galeotti, Leonardo Galligani, Matteo Nicoli, Alessio Nenci, Ralph Philippe Nollet and Tommaso Senesi.

Official departure from Viale G. which represents the roughness of the Quiesa Mountains, Monte Pitoro and Foreste and the third lap of 50 km. With the last pass on Monte Petoro and the woods in the final when there are about 14 kilometers left. At the finish line on the city walls of Lucca. Several teams of ranks at the start such as Hopplà Petroli Firenze, Mastromarco Sensi, Futura Team Rosini of Franco Chioccioli, Ivano Fanini’s former racer and close watcher, Velo Club Mendrisio and Pol. Tripto. Over a hundred beginners are expected.

From La Gazzetta de Luca