California company Santa Cruz The hook takes off the new bowler hat with the VPP in the bottom link, after 5010 Introduced a few days ago, and Talboythe cross-country double suspension who loves the inclines a lot.

A few have been added to the very versatile complete bike Important news To easily cross from one specialty to another. A carbon frame, 29mm wheels and unmistakable VPP pattern but more travel because an inch of travel has been added in the new Tallboy to the front of 130mm, making it the most suitable bike for Andrea Tiberi’s adventures (see Dream Lines Video).

Features of Santa Cruz Talboy

Santa Cruz has designed this new Tallboy for all those trying to reach the impossible KOM, who are constantly challenging their personal limits for those who embark on timeless adventures.

However, they were on the chassis Most of the techniques and engineering values ​​for other models have been reported In a longer flight range. The goal in the Tallboy 5 was to improve suspension performance, but also to bring all the recent improvements to the Santa Cruz chassis. What they obviously wanted to keep were the features Talboy appreciates by most entry-level riders, a 130mm fork and 120mm shock absorber that is ready for anything.

Talboy 2023 St. Croix

Santa Cruz Invitational Frame

The Tallboy 5 frame is made by Santa Cruz in carbon, in variants C and CC, with a difference in weight but not in techniques. The glove boxan element that is beginning to become a constant in the structure of Santa Cruz.

The Tallboy 5 Glovebox is a chamber located just above the shock absorber that is meant to make room for a multi-tool and an inner tube. Right under the bottle cage there is an easily accessible door to be able to enter it, also thanks to Tool portfolio e tube wallettwo bags that allow you to separate the inner tube from other things, everything you need to repair and step in the bike.

Talboy 2023 St. Croix


The Santa Cruz Tallboy 5 is a fun full suspension that has always wanted to favor pedaling as well as downhill performance. In suspension states, it is now possible to take advantage of uCompression curve able to offer better sensitivity at the end of the stroke.

The rear suspension has a lower initial ratio but a higher final ratio. This way the whole system is more responsive and fast. But at the same time in Santa Cruz, they wanted to work on a higher sensitivity for even small bumps, reducing peak squat resistance but also improving the Tallboy 5’s braking behavior.

Talboy 2023 St. Croix

At the rear, the flight stayed 120mm, while the handlebars up front were raised slightly for more support on the more technical descents, from 120 to 130mm. Now the Tallboy will cover that hole that was in the range, if Blur TR is the down country, the Tallboy is officially the California home track.

inductive wheels

In Tallboy 5, depending on the setting you choose, there is also a very interesting combination spare wheels. the new 30 pm They have an asymmetric design, with an opposite design between the front and back and with an internal channel of 30 mm and a weight 1.750 g.

Talboy 2023 St. Croix


The Tallboy 5 frame retains the characteristics related to flip the chipdesigned to increase or decrease suspension progress, even if the geometry also differs to a certain extent. In geometry, the main change made is the opening of the steering angle, which is now 65.7 degrees, a constant value that allows you to handle the demanding descent.

Talboy 2023 St. Croix

Instead, the angle of the saddle is tilted 76.7 degrees This helps to provide a better position when pedaling. On the other hand, the reach value has been lengthened by about 5 millimeters for each size in the catalog to give more stability to the landing, in size M from 450mm to 455.

Copies and availability

Santa Cruz Tallboy offers a large variety of sizes, From XS to XXLAll are fitted with 29-inch wheels. The range is divided between the C-frame versions, namely the R, S, GX AXS and GX AXS RSV (with Reserve wheels), moving on to the two more popular versions with CC tires and with the names X01 and X01 AXS RSV (with spare wheels) .

two colors, bright blue, in electric blue with stunning pink and Matte Taupe (pale taupe). Prices for Italy are not yet available.

Talboy 2023 St. Croix

All tires, spare wheels, and bearings are covered by a lifetime warranty provided by Santa Cruz.

Talboy 2023 St. Croix