They all have one thing in common

MotoGP has always been full of Italian talent, and most of them got their driver’s license in Pesaro. Here is a driving school for pilots.

When we think of the motorsport world, the first thing that comes to mind is drivers, and we usually imagine their own lives.. Whether it’s F1 or MotoGP, we see them as heroes, because people are so different from us, almost immortal for the feats they’ve been able to achieve and for the great battles they give us when they’re on the track, locked in their yards as they write the pages of history.

Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli (ANSA)

but, They are also normal kids, who drive and get their license to turn when off the slopes. A strange case arose in F1 a few years ago, when Max Verstappen He made his debut in the best racing series without having a driver’s license yet.

In the World Championships, however, this topic is more on the agenda, especially for the lower classes. In fact, in Moto2 and Moto3, The riders at first were very youngup to 15 or 16 years old, which is why it is normal to find many talents who have not yet experienced the feeling of driving on everyday roads.

MotoGP has always been home to many Italian riders, who have won everything there is to win. behind Valentino RossiThe names of our riders who made two-wheeler history are endless, and many of them share a strange path they have faced in their lives: the licensing exam and the driving school where they learned the secrets of the road.

MotoGP, here is a driving school for Italian riders

In Pesaro, the Alfredo Bassani Driving School becomes famous, with the Italian champions participating, or have been involved in the past in MotoGP. A strange article appeared inCorriere della Sera‘, speaking precisely of this activity that over the years has taught many drivers to drive, the last of which was Biko Bagnaya.

BassaniThe owner of a driving school recounted some of the experience he gained in recent years: “For me, it was a pleasure to be able to host Pecco here, another rider to be added to a very long list already. Many riders got their license from us, such as Valentino Rossi, Marco Melandri, Franco Morbidelli, Marco Simoncelli and Lorenzo Baldassari.“.

The owner confirmed the fact that Valentino Rossi has achieved Two driving licenses at his driving school:Bagnaia recently acquired an A3, while Valentino took one for motorcycles and one for trucks, using it for a strange reason. He needed this document to get around with his giant buggy when he was just beginning his motorcycle adventure, so let’s talk about how much he’s in the orbit of the first world titles.“.

Bassani Then he emphasized the ability of these pilots to learn everything very quickly: “It takes very little time, and they have no difficulty in learning. Just explain a few maneuvers and they understand everything on the go, and in some cases they teach us something about some specific and technical details.“.

Believe meAnd the These people have no idea what it means to slow down, they were all very good when they came here. They are very special guys, it was an honor and a personal honor for us to be here. They left great memories for us, we hope more will come in the future“.

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In fact, when you’re racing in your blood, getting a license can only be a formality, but some advice is obviously always needed when doing something new. Racing on a track is very different from navigating city traffic, but for drivers, sometimes, that difference doesn’t seem to exist. I am very advanced in certain aspects, as the owner of the driving school himself confirmed.