This is what Verstappen can do in Japan

Max Verstappen is approaching his second F1 world title. It’s hard to close accounts in Singapore, but in Suzuka she can write history.

Max Verstappen’s career has already racked up incredible stats, which go hand in hand with the greatest F1 ever.. The Dutchman has already won a world title, returning home 31 races and 17 places in the lead. With success at home Grand Prix, Son of Gus tied Nigel Mansell In terms of stage wins, it’s down to -1 from Fernando Alonso.

F1 Max Verstappen (ANSA)

At this steamy pace, the world champion will soon break the one-season record he shares Michael Schumacher e Sebastian Vettel. The two, respectively in 2004 with Ferrari And in 2013 with Red Bullthey took 13 statements, but it must be said that at the time there were fewer than 22 races today.

That doesn’t detract from Verstappen, who has so far asserted himself in 11 of the 16 contested races.And no one seems to be able to stop it. The Dutchman has broken the taboo at Monza, a racetrack that has never made it to the podium in Formula 1, and is now traveling to Singapore, It was the best result of his career 2nd place in 2018.

The Marina Bay Track seems to be one of the best deals to Ferrarigiven that it would return to an aerodynamic load practically similar to that of Monaco, where Charles Leclerc e Carlos Sainz They dominated the tests, before the usual wrong tactic of Inaki Rueda Through his men, he succeeded Sergio Perez.

Verstappen will get his first match point in just over two weeks, even if it’s not easy to consider closing accounts already in Singapore. To do this, the world champion needs the following results: in case of victory, Leclerc He will not have to do better than the ninth place, Perez from the fifth and George Russell from the third. If Super Max is successful at home, Signs It can be placed in any position.

F1, Verstappen and synchronization with Vettel at Suzuka

Max Verstappen could become a two-time F1 world champion at just 25 years old, with his birthday set on September 30. This means Son Goose will blow out the candles on free practice day in Singapore, but as mentioned it wouldn’t be easy to think of actually getting the world championship on Marina Bay night.

In all likelihood, Joss’ son will close his accounts after a week in Japan, at home Hondasupplier of power units for Red Bull And the main sponsor of the upcoming Suzuka event. Delicately connected to this race there is an incredible coincidence that can happen.

The Japanese Grand Prix will be held on Sunday 9th Octoberthe same date that appeared in 2011 in F1 to Sebastian Vettel, exactly on this path. This means that Verstappen He will win his second title on the same track as the German, on the same day and at the wheel Red Bullor the car that a Heppenheim citizen drove.

This is a really unbelievable coincidence, and we’ll see if Gus’ son can party live at Suzuka. to me Honda And for Super Max, it’s going to be a huge party, and so for Red Bull Which is close to returning to the manufacturers title that has been lost since 2013. From that moment on, only branded laurel went to mercedesremains undefeated in the hybrid era.

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Many things now make us think that the wind has changed, and hope that the Silver Arrows and Ferrari Find out how to respond to the Milton Keynes team to avoid opening a new tech course. while, Verstappen Reflect on the match Vettel And to celebrate his second title, which will make him enter a small circle of drivers who have managed to win more than once.