This is why the young beat the old

More experienced F1 drivers are having a much harder time in 2022 to keep up with the new generation. Here’s how to explain this trend.

The most striking example of the difference in speed was felt with the McLaren-Mercedes duo. The 1999 class, Lando Norris, brought a breath of fresh air not only on social media, but also on the track. Norris is the only one of the riders, outside of the top three teams, on the podium in 2022. The showdown in the playoffs and in the race with Daniel Ricciardo is clearly skewed towards the England player. Despite his experience with Red Bull Racing and Renault, the Australian admitted he can’t keep up with his young teammate. The difference in 2022 is too big to think of a confirmation from Daniel. In fact, McLaren decided to marry the youth streak and in 2023 Lando will be joined by the rising star, F2 Champion, Oscar Piastre.

F1 start calendar (Ansa photos)

In the ranking, Norris scored 88 points, occupying seventh place, while Ricciardo scored only 19 points, and is still in the fourteenth place. Another obvious difference, moving up to the Red Bull leaderboard is the difference between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Chico, despite the victory in Monaco, could not keep up with the unbridled pace of the champion. The Dutchman has already racked up 11 victories, one step away from winning his second world title. If his teammates’ task is increasingly impossible, Sainz is no better off than he was, in 2022, he didn’t show the same consistency as his first season at Ferrari. In 2021, Matador’s son would have preceded Leclerc by a few points, thanks to great regularity.

It never retracts all season, and above all, always on points, except on two occasions. Since the first Grand Prix of Bahrain, in 2022, it has been possible to understand Leclerc’s perfect feeling in a Maranello wing car.. Monaco could have won more races than the three he has won so far. On the other hand, Carlos has not been able to put his young colleague on the difficulty of qualifying and is currently fifth in the standings. On the other hand, Leclerc was, at least in many races, Max Verstappen’s first and only opponent. With the rest of the year, there was no story, also because the Scuderia kept making strategic mistakes and reliability problems. He gave #16 everything, but Verstappen could already celebrate his second world title in Singapore. F1, great salute to Enzo Ferrari: All fans are excited.

F1, reverse trend compared to the past

In their careers, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, respectively, have always been ahead of their teammates. The Anglo-Caribbeans, given Russell’s results this year, would have faced a very serious internal opponent, in previous seasons, if Mercedes had trusted the Englishman first. Like the honest second Valtteri Bottas, Barrichello’s style, who didn’t create too many problems in the 44th place. Also thanks to the quiet life among his teammates, he brought Mercedes eight consecutive world championships for the constructors. Lewis started the 2022 season with broken spirits. Between setup problems and a bit of bad luck, he never really fought for success. On the other hand, Russell immediately got off to a strong start, which shows a consistency out of the ordinary.

The native King’s Lynn was forced to raise the white flag on one occasion, live at Silverstone in front of his fans. Hamilton only retired on one occasion, at Spa-Francorchamps, but there is a 35-point difference between the two. The GR63 has always finished in the top five unlike Hamilton. The difference in ranking between Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon is more subtle. TheThe Frenchman, in a recent interview, said he was with Lewis at the time of McLaren, the only teammate the Spanish champion hadn’t torn apart. After all, the Astori is over the age of 40 and, complicit in reliability problems, lost many points in the early part of the season. On the contrary, Esteban showed some consistency, but the championship is not over yet. In any case, the top five teams in the Creators Ranking showed a clear trend.

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Among the young people, Mick did not stand out. Schumacher replacement? Binotto’s answer arrives. On ground-impact cars, Max Verstappen was always ahead of Perez. As previously with Charles Leclerc with Sainz and also at Mercedes, Alpine and McLaren, at the moment the younger one is ahead of the more experienced driver in the standings. The move to a completely different concept of the car compared to the previous one definitely gave a big hand For drivers who have fewer GPs on their shoulders than their teammates. If the result in some teams can be taken for granted, the same cannot be said at Mercedes and, above all, at McLaren. The difference, in terms of ranking, is quite large. Moreover, the future of F1 is in the hands of a new generation of phenomena that promise to give the scene.