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Today, Saturday 17 September, is the qualifying day for the World Championships in Aragon (Spain), the fifteenth round stage of the tournament. The offer will not lack in all three categories as drivers push hard to achieve maximum results.

Straight from FP3 and FP4 and qualifying in the ARAGON GP of MOTOGP at 9.55, 13.30 and 14.10

in MotoGP Comparison between Francesco Bagnaia and Fabio Quartaro Holds the bench. The Ducati rider used the first day of free practice to improve his feel with the GP22. The indicators, from this point of view, have been good and there is confidence to do well today.

At the same time, the championship leader received some reassurances from the M1, especially in terms of race speed. However, we must understand what is Fabio’s margin and Picot’s margin in the Iberian weekend management economy. We’ll see how other interpreters like Aprilia standard holders can fit in, Maverick Vinales and Alex EspargaroNot to mention the surprise Marc Marquezvery quickly on a Honda.

MotoGP, results and rankings FP2 GP Aragon 2022: Martin on top, second Quartararo and 5 Bagnaia

Immediately Today’s program and how to follow it on TV / live broadcast:


Saturday 17th September
9.00-9.40 AM, Moto3, Free Training 3
9.55-10.40 AM MotoGP Free Training 3
Hours 10.55-11.35, Moto2, Free Trials 3
12.35-12.50, Moto3, Qualifier 1
13.00-13.15, Moto 3, Qualifying 2
13.30-14.00, MotoGP, Free Training 4
14.10-14.25, MotoGP, Qualifier 1
14.35 – 14.50, MotoGP, Qualifier 2
15.10-15.35, Moto2, Qualifier 1
15.35-15.50, Moto 2, Qualifying 2

GP Aragon 2022 MOTOGP on TV

Pay TV Saturday’s weekend of the Aragonese Grand Prix will be broadcast live on Sky Sport MotoGP (208). There will be access to free practice today and qualifications for all three categories on Sky Sport Uno (201).

Flow with push – Saturday Aragon GP weekend will be covered by SkyGo and NOW.

TV in the light Saturday’s Aragon GP will be broadcast live for the three category qualifiers and Free Practice 4 from MotoGP on TV8. There will be no coverage of FP3s from all three categories, exclusive to Sky Sport.

Flowing in the light Saturday’s Aragon GP will be broadcast live for all three category qualifications and Free Practice 4 from MotoGP on tv8.it. Only FP3s of the three categories will be covered by Sky Sport.

Live writing or sports – Our site will provide full coverage of the entire Saturday schedule for the Aragon Tour.

Sky Sports Programming

Saturday 17th September

8.55: Free Practice on Moto3 3

9.50 a.m.: Free MotoGP Training 3

10.50 a.m.: Free Workout 3 Moto2

Raw 11.50: Paddock Live

Raw 12.15: Paddock Live

12.30pm: Moto3 Qualifiers

1.30pm: Free Training 4 MotoGP

2.10pm: Motorcycle Qualifiers

3.10pm: Moto2 Qualifiers

Raw 16.00: Paddock Live Show

16:30: Talent timing

4.45 pm: Three Lamborghini cars for one driver

5:00 pm: Qualifying press conference

Crude 17.30: Daines Island Expedition A

6.00 pm: Three Lamborghini cars for one driver

Crude 23.30: Daines Island Expedition A

24.00: Bajnaya, beyond the track

Programming on LIGHT TV8

Saturday 17th September

12.35-12.50, Moto3, Qualifier 1, Live
13.00-13.15, Moto3, Qualifier 2, Live
13.30-14.00, MotoGP, Free Practice 4, Live
14.10-14.25, MotoGP, Qualifier 1, Live
14.35-14.50, MotoGP, Qualifier 2, Live
15.10-15.35, Moto2, Qualifier 1, Live
15.35-15.50, Moto2, Qualifier 2, Live

Photo: Valerio Origo / LPS