“Two races to go…”

Aragon’s Day was a fantastic day for MotoGP, for Enea Bastianini, for the nascent Gresini Racing team who took their fourth win of the season. We regained the sprint at Misano, but in this case it was Biko Bagnaia who was victorious. At MotorLand, the 24-year-old immediately wanted revenge by launching his decisive foot on the seventh turn of the last lap. For the second time in a row, the two citizens make a show, but also some risks too many.

Misano and Aragon on the edge of the razor

Ducati leaders doing their best in a bad situation, Paolo Ciabati reluctantly admits that he would have preferred to see Bagnaia win, so at this time he would be five points behind (not the current ten). The MotoGP rider title has long been missing in the annals of Borgo Panigale history, since the 2007 season and is signed by Casey Stoner. The Fall of Fabio Quartararo GP in Aragon He reopened the World Championships, and now Beko is one step away from the dream, but we have to continue in the wake of the second part of the championship. And a more decisive intervention than potholes will be required, as Bagnaia and Bastianini risk causing a cynical accident that could completely wipe out the enthusiasm and the race for leadership. In a few days we are racing in Motegi and there will be no real team orders, other than not holding Pecco Bagnaia and not making a risky overtaking in Piedmont.

“Organization” for Bagnaia and Bastianini

There is talk of “freezing” positions in the last two or three laps, but it’s just common crap on the MotoGP circuit. The truth is that now also Enea Bastianini and the Gresini team chasing the world championship, it is not easy to fill 48 points in 5 races, but not impossible either. No one would have imagined “The Beast” running for the title in his second year in the First Division, and on top of that with Team Satellite. “We have already seen in the second half of last year how strong Ennis is – Nadia Padovani tells “La Gazzetta dello Sport” -. This year he’s starting to collect, but if he wins four races…“.

Grisini also struggled in the pits on Sunday in the final laps, with Pico and Enea separated by ten tenths, with Romania not at all ready to leave the win to his future teammate. “When he got past him on the last lap, I almost had a heart attack“He acknowledges Fausto’s widow Grisini. The most realistic goal is third in the standings, but why not if math is on your side? Bastianini and his team do not intend to submit to the team’s orders at the moment.”If we get two races from the end and there’s no chance of doing better than third or second overall, we’ll help at this point. It’s my point of view, but I don’t know if it’s Ducati’s too“.

MotoGP title dream

So far, no meeting has taken place between Ms. Padovani and the top management of Borgo Panigale to discuss the matter. “For now, they keep saying they don’t want to play team games, but I can also understand that Ducati hasn’t won the riders title for many years. As an entrepreneur, I’m also trying to put myself in their shoes, but in the end I’m at the helm of the Gresini team, and we’re here to do well. Then, I repeat, we see one or two races to go“.

At the end of the MotoGP season, Enea Bastianini will be leaving the customer team to move to the factory team and will share the garage with Pecco Bagnaia. Deccanan is in the chicken coop, but it would be a great World Cup show, as long as a certain diplomacy continues between them. “For me, their rivalry could become like that between Rossi and Biagi, or Gibernau – Nadia Grisini concludes. But it should be healthy, as well as amazing. Today we miss Rossi’s character, Marquez is not back yet, the public wants to see these duels“.

Gresini Racing’s photo