UCI Granfondo World Championships in Trento: numbers and results

They finished this weekend me Uci Granfondo World Championships in Trento.
This is a date that makes fans argue, which comes at a time when Granfondo is going through a tough time This may need to be updated and the format revised.
But it was also a file Important event from the point of view of tourists and regional promotion, an aspect that surely APT Trento Monte Bondone and Trento Sport Events organized the World Championships.

The four days of the Amateur World Championships are approaching 2,000 athletes from 60 countries, with more than 4,000 matches Total, given the companions.
The people who filled the hotels and restaurants and were able to appreciate the interest in the bicycle for which Trento and Trentino are famous.
We are not discussing here whether there was an amateur world championship in Granfondo (in which many ex-professionals also took part), but from the point of view of tourists it was definitely an important event …

It was so wonderful and exciting to welcome people from all over the world to Trentocommented on Mayor Franco Yancelli. “An event like this was a great opportunity for us to reaffirm Trento’s association with the bike, not just as a sport but as a means of transportation and as a new way of doing tourism. The hope is that those who have tasted our lands these days can carry it in their hearts and speak of it when they return home.

After the time set for the trial titles during the week, Sunday in Trento presented the list of the richest of these four days: middle box (86.8 km and 2,218 meters of altitude) for higher age groups (men 60 and over, women 50 and over) and granfonduewith him 143.8 km and an altitude increase of 3900 metersthe result of two and a half climb to the top Monty Bundon.
At the beginning of the tests, they presented themselves 1.537 Athletes, taken from Via Roberto da Sanseverino starting at 10 am.

All athletes who qualified during the year through the UCI World Series Trials, a circuit the UCI is now trying to re-propose, took part in the race. Even in a gravel field.

UCI Granfondo World Championships in Trento

The fastest in the Granfondo was the Austrian Stephen Kirchmeier (cat. 19-34), a former professional in his early twenties and now a coach, completed the exam in 4 rawAnd the 14 minutes e 6 seconds (3395 km/h)ban the swiss Dimitri Bossard And the Belgian Seven Devalckeneers Just over half a minute. This year Kirchmere has already won the Etape de Tour with his arrival at the Alpes d’Huez.

In Women’s Gran Fondo, Slovenian Laura Simino (cat. 19-34), gold was previously in relay team With her national team, she was able to organize two Italian players, Venice, in the final race Martina Trevisol Piedmont Samantha Arnoending in 5:02’41”.
A former elite athlete, now a veterinary virologist, Simenč also boasts several successes this season, including the Granfondo Nove Colli.

UCI Granfondo World Championships in Trento

Among the different classes there was no shortage of successes Italians: These are from Francesco Vigini (Granfondo 35-39), Giusepina Michela Bergosa (Medeofondo 50-54), Olga Capello (Medeofondo 55-59), Giorgio Chiarini (Medeofondo 60-64), Silvano Janis of Trentino (Medeofondo 65-69). and Silvano Asaloni (Mediofondo 80-84). Among the most prestigious signatures is also the signature of the French Jenny Longomulti-titled by Elite and able to wear another rainbow shirt, making an appearance after a successful trial period.

Winner or not, all athletes have had the honor of finishing a tough World Championship, by all accounts the toughest in many copies – if not since the last time in Trento 2013, ed.). “The Bondone climb is really difficult, but the view from the top of the city and the Alps is breathtaking. This road and this area is worth a visitMany have said so, from all over Europe, such as Australia, the United States, Japan and Zimbabwe.

Who is the Find the complete ranking.

photo credit Ariel Wojciechowski