Udinese – Inter 3-1, goal by Barilla, outside. Skriniar, Begol and Arslan

The Nerazzurri start very well with a midfielder free kick, then collapse: third league knockout in 7 games.

From our reporter, David Stubini

How do they say that? Whoever wins rejoices and whoever loses explains. Inter should explain again, third in this league, and fourth in the season. Heavy defeat, because Udinese reach the final with a score of 3-1 which is a sign of a team that believed in it more and more clearly. Sottil rejoices: It’s a fifth win in a row, he arrived with a taste of comeback after Barilla’s initial blunder. A special goal from Skriniar, a header for Piol and another for Arslan draw the Udinese dream scoreboard.

first half

There is no time to study, the departure and the pace are immediately high, as expected. Udinese faces the second minute with Lovrich who frightens Handanovic with his narrow right foot. Inter’s first chance, on the other hand, immediately leads to the advantage. And it’s an extraordinary play: Barilla isn’t exactly a set-ball specialist, but at 5′ he found a perfect right over the barrier that Silvestri could do nothing on. Inzaghi leads straight: Last night he asked his team to pay attention to Udinese’s thunderous starts, but it is he who finds himself in the lead. Sutil charges the hit, Udinese takes a few minutes to refuel. Then he increases the pressure and crushes Inter back. The equalizer, at 22 minutes, actually comes from another free kick: Pereyra shoots a shot from the trocar, in a scrum Skriniar veers behind Handanovic. Inter are protesting against a foul on Dzeko, but Valeri checks after Var’s examination, all of which will be returned in favor of the Nerazzurri. And also for Inzaghi, who put in the sudden move, certainly unprecedented. Bastoni and Mkhitaryan, booked, were replaced at 30 minutes by Gagliardini and Dimarco, right after the same strong shot from Bastoni – which was saved – with a left-footed shot on the bank of Dzeko. The match ball remains in the hands of Udinese, who presses directly into the opponent’s area, blocking Brozovic’s build. Inter cedes the playing field and then earns it on restart. In the 33rd minute, the chance for Dzeko, who sends a high cross from Dumfries after an excellent work by Lautaro on the trocar, the last real action that can be reported in the first half, is between two unresolved scratches in the Nerazzurri area. And a good counterattack that Dumfries badly missed at the time of the cross.

the other half

The second half begins with a chance for Udinese: Dumfries loses the ball on the right, Deulofeu gains and, with concentration, changes his side, as Pereira stifles the score. There is no time to think, the two teams do not manage, they push. At 7 o’clock, the golden opportunity is at the head of Dumfries, who, however, crushes the head very much on the ground. After a goal canceled by Dzeko for offside (10′), Udinese is close to 2-1: Beto goes far to Acerbi, but his ball played inside the small area finds no partner for the Tap-in. Very high rhythms raise yellow respectively: Odoji, Bekau and Brozovic, and the latter is a severe warning because the Croatian will miss the Roma match after the break. Sottil’s first change: After an hour of playing outside Makengo and inside Samardzic. The match now has different features compared to the first half: Udinese is the one working on the restart or the mistakes of others. From one of these – the 18th minute – a great opportunity arose: Brozovic loses a ball on the trocar, Lovrech points directly at Handanovic, right from the edge that the Slovenian goalkeeper deflects for a corner kick. Inzaghi changes again, two more new entries: the 23rd minute, inside Correa and D’Ambrosio for Dzeko and Darmian (with Demarco awakening in midfield). Sottil replies: Beto and Pereyra go out for success and Ehizibue. It seems that the draw is not an option for anyone on the field. And in fact at 28′ Udinese comes within a ray of advantage: Deulofeu shoots at the far post against the losing Handanovic, on the rejected is D’Ambrosio and saves Samardzic’s result almost on the line. Inter are lopsided in the search for advantage, but in doing so they expose themselves to the appeal of Sottil’s men. One of those – at 29′ – is nearly closed by Ehizibue (Hassan D’Ambrosio on this occasion). Handanovic was called in to use his feet to block Wallace’s shot. New changes: Acerbi out of De Vrij at Inter, in Arslan and Ebosse in favor of Lovric and Udogie in Udinese. In general, Udinese seems to have more and not just an impression. In the 40th minute, it was announced 2-1 by Friuli: another free kick was decisive, Deulofeu’s corner kick that Bijol, marked by the new entry De Vrij, swerved his head to the long post. Inter tries to respond: at 42′ Lautaro wastes his shot in the area from a good position, at 45′ Brozovic sees Silvestri reject a shot from the edge. Among the selfish Deulofeu, the reboot was squandered. He would be pardoned in the 48th minute, brilliantly dispatched by Arslan, who set 3-1 on the far post resulting in a fifth straight win and provisional first place, awaiting today’s results. Heaven is here, for hell’s sake ask Inter.