Verstappen better than Hamilton and Schumacher? Former Champion Confirmed

Max Verstappen writes the history of the first flight in 2022, and the former champion makes a strong comparison. That’s what he said.

In just over a week, F1 will be back on track at the Singapore Circuit for Round 17 of the season. This will be the first match point for Max Verstappen, which on the night of Marina Bay could close the accounts of the world. No one has ever celebrated a World Cup there, but accounts will likely be closed after seven days in Japan.

Verstappen (ANSA)

Anyway, it will be an unforgettable vacation for the Dutch and the Americans Red Bullas Suzuka is the main path of Honda, supplier of the power unit to the Milton Keynes team. RB18 and son Jos built an unbeatable combination, which has been undefeated since the French Grand Prix.

Verstappen actually comes from five straight wins, which led to eleven count of the season. The world champion has the chance to set a new record for seasonal claims, as the record, thirteen, is currently being shared by Sebastian Vettel e Michael Schumacher (2013 and 2004), but the Super Max still has six races to run this year.

He has a sexy field Based on Red Bullthe team that along with mercedes Dominate F1 from 2010 to today, while Ferrari He’s been paid for nearly 15 years. This period is very reminiscent of what marked the Maranello fast between 1979 and 2000, exactly twenty years in which we witnessed a dictatorship. McLaren e Williamswith short periods of time in which a file Brabham before and Benetton Later.

The technological, strategic, and political supremacy that these two teams impose is unparalleled, and no one seems to be able to come close.. The new regulations, this is not a mystery, have objectively failed. The goal was to rebalance the cards on the table, but the big teams now have a greater advantage than in the past, Red Bull It is clear that he is superior to the others.

last year, Milton Keynes has been hooked up The mercedesAnd, perhaps also in 2022, we would have seen an exciting global fight if the rules had not changed, leading to the silver equity crisis. there FerrariAs usual, it was a flash in the pan, proven competitive at the start of the year and then melted down along the way. And Super Max, from the height of his supremacy, laughs and travels towards the world champion.

Verstappen, Damon Hill comparison arrived

About Max Verstappen, as it should be, there is a lot to talk about. In the last four races, Joss’ son has won on three occasions starting in the third row, proving that he can assert himself by running from any court on the grid. Opponents can do nothing against his excessive strength, and we can really experience a season end similar to the one in 2013, when Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull They have won all the last nine races.

When the driver is so dominant, it’s common for comparisons to get lost. last one did Damon Hill1996 World Champion with Legendary Williams Renowhich is on the podcast”F1 Nation“He upset the champion of the past and one of the champions of today, which means Michael Schumacher e Lewis Hamilton

Here are the words of the British: “Max has done an exceptional job this season, but it seemed like he did it very quietly, as if everything was going on for him. When you think about what he’s doing and the records he’s about to break, you realize that at the level of Schumacher and Hamilton, he has nothing less.“.

hill he added: “Verstappen is taking no risks now, he’s in complete control when he goes to the track and it’s great to see him behind the wheel. Obviously winning the title last year put him at ease, and he no longer has an obsession with becoming world champion. When you finally succeed, you realize that you have achieved your primary goal, and from that moment everything changes. I think it would be difficult for anyone to think of approaching and hitting him, at least for the time being. Drive very well“.

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The golden words are the ones uttered by Damon, who was really impressed with the leadership qualities of Super Max, who is heading towards winning his second consecutive World Championship. Now he’s just waiting for the sporting conquest of a title that’s already been in the vault for months, also thanks to a competitor not as good as Ferrari. Ibn Joss and Red Bull They risk running around for years given the technical gap in the competition, which will have to move quickly to recover.