Verstappen gives a touch of red

The statistics also confirmed the difficulties of Ferrari. Look at the comparison of Max Verstappen’s victories to Reds.

Ferrari is approaching Singapore’s date with the realization that the world championship is good and it’s gone. Cavallino now accuses a massive gap of Max Verstappen, who will have a high chance of closing accounts already on Marina Bay night. However, it wouldn’t be easy for Gus’s son to actually become the world duo champion in less than two weeks, and most realistically he would achieve it after a few days at Suzuka.

Ferrari and Max Verstappen (La Bresse)

It would be the perfect party for Red Bullwhere the Japanese Grand Prix is ​​held at home Honda, supplier of power units to the Milton Keynes team. As in 2018, also this year, the Japanese event will be directly sponsored by the house of Sakura, who now owns the best drive unit for the entire network.

An exceptional result for Honda, after the humiliation suffered by McLaren Fernando Alonso Literally reborn with confidence Christian Horner so Helmut Marko. Verstappen He’s the man who brought her back to the World Championships, 30 years after she was last with her Ayrton Sennain 1991, and now there is a grave danger Red Bull so Honda Open a devastating winning cycle for competition.

The Ferrari He is the first to pay the price. But that’s not too surprising. Cavallino had started the season in great fashion, deceiving the fans but also himself and his drivers, but he was the usual flash in the pan that has been repeating for nearly three decades. During the year, a total inability to develop the car, errors of strategy and reliability problems already decided the world championship in July, with the racetrack out of the way. Charles Leclerc In France, accounts are completely closed.

Therefore, Verstappen is calmly sailing towards a second world title, and it must be said for the level of leadership he has shown us that he really deserves it all.. The Super Max clearly stands out from the crowd, powered by the RB18 that’s grown over the course of the year to make it invincible. spaceship Adrian Newey It is the basis for a string of successes that could mark the era of F1 ground impact.

Ferrari, here’s the terrible showdown with Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen made his F1 debut in 2015, when he was still a minor and driving the Toro Rosso.. Since passing through Red Bull The following year, Son Joss started winning almost immediately, and in seven and a half years he has already won 31 wins, 21 of them in the last two years. there Ferrarion the other hand, the number of successes in a season has not doubled since 2004, but that’s not the number we want you to think about today.

Over the past 10 years, Cavallino has regained 26 victories, five fewer than his opponent today. The never-before-seen seasons 2014, 2016, 2020, and 2021 Modenese Scuderia drivers reached the top of the podium, after a streak that ran from 1994 to 2013, which saw at least one success per year.

There is little to say but accept that Ferrari Perhaps at the end of the line, he is being beaten up from Sunday to Sunday by better opponents. When you invest you get results, but when things go well without trying to continually improve, you make a bad impression. This is the perfect synthesis of Maranello management in modern times, where Red Bull e mercedes They had no competitors.

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On account of that are the fans and the drivers, i.e. Charles Leclerc e Carlos Sainzwhich is unlikely to extend its contracts beyond 2024 if things do not improve. Mattia Binotto He’s already confirmed his squad for next season, so he’s already written that mistakes will keep repeating themselves.