‘We couldn’t do more’

The real strength of the Ducati Desmosedici is the engine, its power and acceleration. But since last MotoGP season, Team Red has begun solving those little cornering flaws, fine-tuning the chassis and aerodynamics details, and is now a competitive bike on every circuit. We must give credit to the arrival in 2014 of Venetian engineer Gigi Daligna, who was able to impress the entire team, from top management to the last mechanic, making brave decisions that initially attracted some criticism and then proved it. Be on the spot. The most recent chronological order was the selection of Enea Bastianini’s promotion to the Factory Team.

Ducati in good condition

Over the past few years, manufacturer Borgo Panigale has been able to interpret the regulations in the best possible way, taking advantage of gray areas, forcing its opponents to merge in order to ban “extraordinary” innovations such as the front lowering unit in motion. In this case, the competition was able to ban it after a heated meeting at MSMA. Despite everything, the Desmosedici appears to be the most competitive prototype on the MotoGP network, and one that best suits different styles. The spearhead of Pecco Bagnaia, winner of the last four races, also found ten victories in twenty races. “I think it’s totally wrong to focus on just one rider, at least technically – Gigi Dall’Igna confirms ‘Mundo Deportivo’ -. Often the rider can solve motorcycle problems. So it is crucial to find a bike that can be pushed to the limit with different riding styles“.

Pecco is a MotoGP title contender

Too bad for those teeth and personal mistakes made in the first races. Pecco Bagnaia has what it takes to dominate the MotoGP World Championship, but the four zeros complicate his path. The smaller number of tests forces us to work differently, especially in light of the future, when testing days will be further reduced. “We started a little less competition than we would have liked, but I have to say the technicians did a great job trying to find solutions to the questions that came up in the first races of the season.Ducati wins and convinces, excitement, as in the final sprint misano Between Enea Bastianini and Pecco Bagnaia, divided by only 34 thousandths at the end. There are no orders from the team,”Winning is very important for any driver. We have to be honest and human: We have to ask our pilots for things they can say “yes” to.“.

Memory of Andrea Dovizioso

The only indication given is not to do overly aggressive maneuvers on Bagnaia, the brand’s only rider actually in the race for the MotoGP title. He still has 30 points to recover from Fabio Quartararo in six races remaining. “It’s going to be tough, and we have a lot of points to recover. So, we don’t have to think about the championship now‘, Gigi Dall’Igna has been added. In Misano, Pico victorious for the fourth time in a row, ex-Ducatista Andrea Dovizioso said goodbye to racing After 21 seasons. Three times he came close to the world championship with the Emilian brand, and unfortunately he did not achieve the goal, due to that strained relationship between the driver and senior management. Would it have been different if not for this tense atmosphere? “I think things would have changed a little. In the best of years, the human relationship in the pits has been quiet… During general practitioners, we all work very professionally. I don’t think we could have done more with a different climate“.