When your country mate and future colleague is your worst enemy… – OA Sport

If good morning begins in the morning, then 2023 Vintage announced especially hot in the box ducatiSince Francesco Bajnaya And Aeneas Bastianini They will be side by side in Factory Team Borgo Panigale. What we saw in Misano a couple of weeks ago and in Alcaniz today could be a trailer for a fierce competition that will rage next season. pico e the monsterin fact, the The last two races in the enemy. In Romania, the Piedmontese prevailed, but the Rimini player took revenge in Aragon.

In the meantime, we must confirm how ducati yes at least Avoid embarrassment Park Bastianini at Bramac, to promote Jorge Martin to his internal team. This move seemed very likely in the spring, but it was impossible to ignore the values ​​that the path expresses. Enea got a GP23 in red, and got one thanks to the results double bike To that trip by Francesco. But events have put Borgo Panigale in a very awkward position.

pico e the monster They don’t like each other. Why should they? They are peers and compatriots, so they grew up together. or better. They have grown up against them, because they have been opponents since they were children They ran on scooters. However, not loving yourself does not necessarily mean hating yourself. In fact, there has always been between the two of them until now respectalthough there is no shortage of pin prick coming from both sides. In recent months, for example, they have specifically ridiculed each other on the issue of being teammates in 2023. At that time it was only a hypothesis, but it was destined to become a reality.

MotoGP, in 2023 everything changes for Ducati. Will the Bagnaia-Bastianini tandem result in a split or duality?

It is not a mystery that Bajnaya He would have preferred to continue with Jack Miller Next to you. He knows the Australian well, with whom he has an excellent relationship, and in the end considers him harmless in the long run. On the contrary, Bastianini is not a friend (at the moment, he is not even an enemy, only one Teammate neutral) and has Ability It’s higher than the 27-year-old from Queensland (in 2022 Enea won more races in the first division than Miller won in his entire career). ducati He made other choices, because it’s good to remember what he is the monster who – which Martinator Longtime contractor with Borgo Panigale. So, keep buying their products quarry It’s totally understandable.

In the world of engines, brocade is valid “The first opponent of a driver is his teammate”. The feeling is that inside Ducati, in 2023, it will be just like that. If the Piedmontese want to remain the undisputed captain of the team, he will have to reclaim the role on the sound of the results, just as a Rimini player deserved the direct pass of the inner team. The question is whether direct confrontation will be just a competitive issue, or will it come into play other factorsAnd the The media especially Temperamental. We’ll find out in the coming months, waiting to understand whether on the bike gift picothe number 63 will turn into 1which is the fact that in addition to allowing him to write history, it will greatly enhance his inner position in the future.

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