Who is the penalty shootout in Naples? The ideal platform based on the profession: Primarily unpredictable

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Who is the penalty shootout in Naples? after an error Zelensky a Glasgow The question was reopened about the fact that there was no real specialist in Luciano Spalletti’s eleven-meter team. Knowing how to kick a penalty kick is also an essential part of football. An error or shift can change the inertia of a match in terms of wins, draws, or losses.

Back to topic Naples Some insiders have already decided that Piotr ZelenskyFor example, the chosen one should no longer be in the next penalty situation, which opens up a full penalty shooter who is amusing in some ways but who risks, knowing the Napoli square, turning into psychosis.

We went to collect all the professional data of the current team’s players Naples In terms of the number of hits taken, who scored and even missed. Then, we achieved a scoring rate given to us by an athlete, which must be emphasized, which should be a platform for penalty kickers for the next official matches. Below is a list of all the data.

We define that for Diego Diem, Gianluca Gaetano and Giacomo Raspadori The percentage of achievement, although high, has a different weight as they are all penalty kicks recorded only and exclusively in the spring and not in the professional tournaments.

  • Giovanni Di Lorenzo 0 penalty kicks

  • Amir Rahmani 0 penalty kicks

  • Matias Oliveira 0 Regor

  • Kim 0 Rigory

  • Mario Rui 0 penalty kicks

  • Leo Ostegaard 0 Reggio

  • Juan Jesus 0 Strictness

  • Alessandro Zanoli 0 penalty kicks

  • Peter Zelensky 4 penalty kicks 3 goals achieved 75%

  • Zambo Anguissa Penalties taken 0

  • Tanguy Ndombele Execution of penalties 0

  • Jeff Diamond 2 penalty kicks 1 goal achievement 50%

  • Stanislav Lobotka 2 penalty kicks 2 goal achievement 100%

  • Diego Diem One penalty, one goal (Youth Sector Armenia Bielefeld)

  • Gianluca Gaetano 16 penalties and 16 goals (all in youth teams Naples)

  • Victor Osimhen 11 penalty kicks 8 goals achieved 72%

  • Herving Lozano 7 penalty kicks 6 goals to achieve 85%

  • Giacomo Raspadori 9 penalties 6 goals (all youth sector)

  • Matteo Politano 8 penalty kicks 6 goals achieved 75%

  • Giovanni Simeone 4 penalty kicks 1 goal achievement 25%

  • Khafesha Kvaratskhelia 3 penalty kicks 2 goals 66%

  • Alessio Zerbin 0 penalty kicks

Who is the penalty shootout in Naples?

Data on hand Penalty takers list NaplesJust looking at the average scoring per player in the professional and non-young tournaments, it’s pretty clear. The trio does not include players who have taken kicks less than their career 4 total penalties.

1. 85% Lozano;

2. 75% Zelinsky, Politano;

3. 72% osemin.

Surprisingly, it turns out that the Mexican Herving Lozano It has the best average score of the spot. behind him there Zelensky and Politano which, unlike chucky e pewter More penalties. Third place about Victor Osimhen Who kicked more than anyone else, and made more mistakes on this particular platform. Turns out the worst penalty kick port, the numbers on hand Giovanni Simeone With 3 out of 4 errors of eleven metres.

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