World Marathon: The Blues Explain the Hudderslev Trail

Saturday 17th September at 8:30 With the first start for men, you will start the day World Marathon Championship Mountain biking. Twenty minutes the women will be the women to join the battle. It will be run in Denmark on the 40-kilometre Haderslev track with only 500 metres, which the men will repeat three times (120 kilometres) and two times by the women (87.5) who will extend the distance by a short 7.5 kilometres.

Many on social media shouted about the scandal and one wrote – “How can you dedicate a global MTB marathon to a country like Denmark that has no mountains?” There is no doubt about the nation’s morphology, the elevation of the race only confirms what Wikipedia says “the country is flat, with few reliefs hardly exceeding 200 metres, and composed of Moorinian hills.”

Looking at the altimeter, it is clearly not a track that excites climbers and we have all imagined a very fast race, the same we thought on the eve of the World Championships in Singen (2017) and Sakarya (2020). To get the truth of the matter, we asked those directly involved, the Azores who have been in Denmark since Tuesday.


Turns out it’s not a trivial route even if it’s an anomaly compared to our marathons.

Let’s start climbing, for that matter Daniel Menci He was very clear: “There is no real climb given that the longest stretch is climbed in two minutes.” Riccardo Chiarini: “The road certainly doesn’t present any major roughness but there are still a lot of tears.”


In general, it is from the words of the European champion Fabian Rabinsteiner That we have a picture of what this path is like: “We go from sections of the road with a very broad road on a gravel surface to sudden straits with trails in the woods to drive fast. It will be a continuous alternation of the wide – the narrow.”

Chiarini “It is a nervous path where you must always keep your attention, it will be a constant alternation of tears, with many reruns. Up and down, downhill jerks. In some places in the forest there are also some malicious roots.In this expanse are the widest paths.

Final verdict

Daniel Menci: “The track hides many pitfalls and I am sure it will be a very difficult race.”

Jacob Dorigoni: “Those who want to achieve high goals will make the first lap to death, because in this way you have to stay ahead on individual tracks.”

Riccardo Chiarini: “We’re going to have to be careful and run up front because every time we leave the lanes and throw ourselves on the roads, there are going to be many relaunches and if one stays behind, they don’t stand a chance.”

As this confirms Fabian Rabinsteiner: «Compared to other races, it will be more than usual to be at the front here at the Hudderslev. Small groups will surely form, if you stay at the start, you will do the whole race to the chase. Almost no one goes alone because in the last round, a lot of energy is spent alone, and it makes sense to stay in a group of two or three riders and then fight to win the sprint.”

The Cross Country Variable, Saro, FINI, PFP

An unknown factor will be represented by the presence of riders from the Cross Country World Cup, who will actually be present, we’ll only find out when the UCI publishes the starting list, a list not to be confused with the entry list.

behind Pauline Ferran Prevot In the field of women on Instagram, they confirmed their Danish presence Sebastian Finney Castersen And French Jordan Sarro: “I am excited to run the World Marathon Championships because they offer a different challenge than the XCO races and this pushes me to find new frontiers in a different discipline. It can help me learn more about myself as a person and as an athlete.”

Photo © Remy Faberge / Photographer

They will definitely start at 1000hrs but it will be necessary to see if they have enough gas in their tank to keep the throttle open for the 4.5-5hrs of the race.


Churchy Dario

Chiarini Ricciardo

Dorigoni Jacob

Minsy Daniel

Rabinsteiner Fabian

Samparisi Lorenzo

Samparisi Nicholas

Siffredi Andrea

Burato Chiara

Vasoulis Constance

Peretti Claudia

Jade specifications

Saturday 17th September program

08:30 Elite men

08:50 Elite women